Account Assistant Job Description

The job profile of an account assistant has changed a lot over the years and a lot many duties have been included in this profession. To start with, the inclusion of information technology into the recent times is the biggest change. Earlier, every account assistant was supposed to maintain the records and update information on paper but computers have changed the account assistant responsibilities to a large extent. Now their job description consists of the following duties:

Account Assistant Responsibilities

Professional Requirements of Account Assistant

Usually a certificate from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is required to become a professional account assistant. Although it is not necessary to get this certificate there are some other certificates that suffice for being eligible to work as an account assistant. They are as follows:

Apart from these certificates a master's or bachelor's degree in mathematics, accounting, economics, finance are helpful in getting a job. A degree in statistics is also an asset.

Account Assistant Skills

An account assistant has to be really good in stress and time management. The main job responsibility being maintaining the figures of so many accounts, gathering from different parties and checking with the management reports can be tiresome.

One should be good in calculations and at the same time be knowledgeable about the software programs that are used for this purpose.

Managing abilities prove to be helpful to handle the account assistant responsibilities well and leadership qualities like being dependable, have good integrity is necessary. You have access to information about everyone and that is the reason why integrity matters in this field.

Apart from knowing the basic account assistant responsibilities, before looking for a job, one should also refer to the data published by the state governments regarding the salaries and growth opportunities. It proves helpful for planning your future and also to choose the right organization to work in.

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