Assistant Conservator Responsibilities

Assistant conservator is one of the major jobs in the task of forest conservation. He works under the supervision of the conservator and has a lot of responsibilities to fulfill.

The assistant conservator makes sure that the plantation of trees and the process of taking care of them takes place properly. He is responsible for harvesting the forest and this requires a lot of hard work.

The assistant conservator performs various tasks of reforesting and conserving timberland.

The assistant conservator also recruits different people who can help him in the task of conserving the forest. He also uses various tools such as "hoedads" to plant seedlings to reforest timberland areas.

The assistant conservator also removes the diseased trees so that the disease does not spread. He also performs the task of removing trees that are unwanted. They also spray pesticides from time to time in order to protect the trees from any kind of disease that might creep up.

An assistant conservator also makes sure that the work allotted to different employees is taken care of properly. He also does the job of selecting the seedlings that are to be planted.

He sorts the seeds that are good and the seeds that are not meeting the requirements. Assistant conservator is responsible for putting herbicides on undesirable bush to reduce competing vegetation.

Assistant Conservator Responsibilities in Detail

The assistant conservator performs a lot of tasks, which help in the maintenance of the forests. Many people are unaware of the responsibilities that an assistant conservator performs and so given below are the responsibilities of an assistant conservator given in detail:

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements of a conservator are:

Skills Requirements

The job of an assistant conservator requires a lot of skills. He has to be good at different activities that are performed by the assistant conservator so that the work may progress smoothly. Some of the skills that should be present in the assistant conservator are given below:

Career opportunities for an Assistant Conservator

An assistant conservator is mostly promoted to the post of conservator. This job is not yet well known and that is why there is a lot of need for the same. The assistant conservator gets a job easily but his work should be perfect in order to meet the requirements of the organization.

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