Assistant Curator Responsibilities

Learning about the assistant curator responsibilities can be a turning point in your life. The job of an assistant curator is the stepping stone towards the position of curator. They work in museums, wildlife sanctuaries, scientific laboratories, art galleries, etc. Nowadays, assistant curators are also employed in institutes which handle digital data. With such a variety in the nature of employing organizations, the responsibilities of an assistant curator also differ.

Assistant curators are basically employed to look after the various operations and administrative tasks in an organization. An assistant curator working in a wildlife sanctuary helps in the acquisition of new animals, supervision of staff and visitors, arrangement of exhibitions, scheduling checkup, and maintaining the database of animals in the sanctuary.

On the other hand, an assistant curator working in an art gallery searches artworks for acquisition, arranges, designs exhibitions, sets display stalls, etc.

They also work towards the promotion of the organization they work for and encourage the public to visit their organization.

Assistant curator responsibilities are described in the following heads

Assistant curator responsibilities imply that the person working in this position has to manage all the tasks efficiently on his own or with the staff and external publics.

Skills of an Assistant Curator

To work in this position, you need to be:

Becoming an Assistant Curator

Different industries demand different qualifications as they hire assistant curators. For example, a museum would expect the candidate to be a graduate in arts, while a wildlife sanctuary would prefer individuals with graduation in science.

Career Scope

Starting salary for assistant curators is around $40,000 that can go up to $60,000 depending on the candidate's education, experience and skills.

With the description of assistant curator responsibilities, you can easily assess this career option and go for it if you feel that this is the right career for you.

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