Assistant Personnel Officer Responsibilities

Every employee joining any organization needs to be taken care of; be it related to work or his/her personal issues. The assistant personnel officer takes care that the employee remains content and satisfied. This ensures better efficiency and productivity leading to increased profitability of organization. The main objective of the personnel officer is to retain the employees which is a major concern for any organization.

The assistant personnel officer responsibilities normally includes a wide range of duties ranging from recruiting, training, developing, organizing the salaries, benefits, rewards, taking care of the health and safety and overall welfare of the employees. They are generally responsible for performing and working in co-ordination with the human resource department.

Core Responsibilities of an Assistant Personnel Officer

The basic objective as the job title suggests is to support the personnel manager in achieving the corporate goals and objectives of the organization. Listed below are some of the core responsibilities that need to be handled by an assistant personnel officer:

  1. The assistant personnel officer is responsible for observing the requirements of the new staff members to be recruited to enhance the efficiency of the company. Accordingly he conveys the information to his personnel manager and follows the directions to start hiring the new members
  2. Recruitment, conducting interviews, selecting the right candidates for the job form an essential part of his duty
  3. To provide guidance regarding the rules, policies and procedures of the organization related to the leave policy, attendance management, performance management, behavioral conduct etc.
  4. To research and implement new strategies for better developmental procedures
  5. To obtain information from all the relevant sources and convey the same to the immediate persons in the managerial position
  6. Developing interpersonal healthy relationships with the employees to assist in maintaining congenial work atmosphere

In addition to these primary duties he needs to perform some additional duties which are as under:

He is also responsible for developing different strategies, applications, ideas to improve the profit margins of the organization. He also keeps a close eye on monitoring and controlling the resources and the overall budgeting in general. He provides all the necessary personal attention to make every employee comfortable and provides assistance in case any personal or medical support is required.

Skills Requirements for a Personnel Officer

Educational Qualifications for Personnel Officer

A bachelor's degree in economy, human resource, business or marketing is preferred. Combined with these qualities and qualifications nobody can stop you from achieving success in this field.

Work Schedule

The personnel officer will need to work in standard office hours not extending beyond 40 hours of work. He may need to attend the meetings occasionally.

Scope for an Assistant Personnel Officer

Candidates who excel as an assistant personnel officer have better chances of acquiring the post of a personnel manager.

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