Assistant Program Officer Responsibilities

Assistant program officer responsibilities and roles in an organization are a source of support to the senior program manager or program officer. The importance of an assistant program officer can be characterized by the fact that he is the second most important person in the development and implementation of various programs. Assistant officer is the one who can take decisions on behalf of the program officer as and when he is unavailable.

Assistant program officers are found in every organization. Some organizations may design and develop programs for social welfare, while others may do the same to enhance the organizational efficiency or increase revenues. While some organizations deploy various programs simultaneously, other organizations choose to work on a specific program.

An assistant program officer responsibilities vary from performing research, providing technical support, documentation of programs and processes; arranging materials, equipments, and other resources; communicating program objectives, supporting program activities, evaluating program effectiveness, etc.

The assistant program officer is responsible for maintaining an orderly flow of information and tasks. He has to report the activities of all the staff involved in the program to the program officer. If due to any reason the program officer is unavailable, the assistant officer takes the decision related to a program.

The description of assistant program officer responsibilities is provided in different categories below.

Program Planning, Development and Execution

Program and Participants Evaluation

Communicate with Clients or External Agencies

Skills of an Assistant Program Officer

To work in this position, you should possess excellent organizational skills combined with an ability to lead a large number of people with ease. You should know how to use various computer applications for research and communication. Problem solving and multitasking skills are also mandatory for a person working in this position.

Becoming an Assistant Program Officer

An associate, bachelor's or master's degree in business, information technology, operations and/or event management will help you to get this job.

Career Scope for Assistant Program Officer

An assistant program officer working as a fulltime employee for an organization can earn an annual compensation of $60,000 on an average. Career progression comes with a promotion to the position of associate program officer with a hike in salary. In a matter of years, you can get promoted as an assistant program manager or program manager if you outperform consistently.

Assistant program officer responsibilities are necessary to ensure that any program initiated by an organization is executed successfully.

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