Assistant State Attorney Responsibilities

Assistant State Attorneys (ASAs) work on behalf of the state in criminal prosecutions. Some states in the USA also refer them as District Attorneys. They fight civil and criminal cases against those individuals and companies alleged for having committed crimes in their jurisdictions. They assist the State Attorney's in examining warrant or charging requests filed by the police against the suspects. These law professionals also offer a plea bargain to cause the suspect to enter a guilty plea. Before putting the case in the law court, they collect evidence, find out and interview witnesses, and review case documents.

General Duties and Responsibilities of Assistant State Attorney

The ASAs are qualified and eligible to fight cases in civil and criminal courts. Their duties is to gather and manage evidence and prove that the charges levied against the suspect are true. If the court finds the defendant guilty of the crime, they may also request the judge the type of sentence for the guilty. In case, their recommendation is not approved by the court, they may bring up the case at a higher court.

Assistant State Attorney Education Requirements

Since most of the legal proceedings are handled by assistant state attorneys, a bachelor's degree in law is the foremost requirement. Some state may even expect a Juris Doctor. The ASAs also need to pass the state bar examination to apply for a state attorney license. It is compulsory to take the bar examination of all the states where the attorney is seeking for a practice. To gain practical experience, the attorneys have to take up internships during studying law.

Job Outlook

These law professionals collect and present evidence in a civil and criminal court for crimes committed by individuals and organizations against the state or local ordinances. They are elected or appointed by state government. As an official representative, they are entitled with power to prosecute, file charges, and permit a plea agreement.

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for attorneys are expected to grow by 8 percent from 2016 to 2018. Since legal services are vital for every individual, business, and state government, there is a great employment opportunity for the attorneys.

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