Assistant Teacher Job Description

In case you have the dream to be a teacher and wish to be one who would remain evergreen in the memory of the children. You should choose teaching as your career choice by going through this whole article wherein we have helped you to get all the relevant information in one go. To get into this profession of a teacher you would require making a pleasant start by taking up a relevant education required for the post and comprehending the responsibilities to be administered in this direction.

Who is a teacher?

Actually a teacher will perform the act of filling the empty pitcher in the form of little minds of the children with precious knowledge and values. A teacher is an honorable personality who will imbibe in the children qualities to comprehend the difference between the right and wrong to help them to be better citizens of the nation.

Assistant Teacher Responsibilities

Now that you are accustomed with who is a teacher, do go through these responsibilities to help you to get into the skin of this profession. Children as kids first face their parents who are their first teachers in life, but later as these kids enter the school they try to emulate their teacher who is their model and an inspiration as about 10 years of their lives revolve around their teachers. As such she needs to continuously make improvements in herself to reflect the best part of her personality.

Responsibilities of an assistant teacher are: She will assist the senior teacher to make curriculum for the students for the sessions. She will have to impart some time on giving lessons to the children as a part of her evaluation work. She will support the activities like grade tests and assessments for the children and PTA for the parents to encourage the children on their performance. Tap the innate latent talent of the children and bring it to use through reinforcement.

Motivate the children who are poor in studies by working on their weaker areas and strive to make their lessons easier and simpler for them to comprehend. Assist the senior teacher to make teaching aids to employ play-way teaching methods. Enforce discipline and facilitate the smooth functioning of the class and the school. Innovate and discuss new ideas and styles to make teaching an enjoyable experience. Help to imbibe in the children the values of honesty and sincerity. Encourage the children to actively participate in the all the co-curricular activities and supervise over the overall development.

Skills of an Assistant Teacher

Apart from the Assistant teacher responsibilities, what you require is a set of essential skills to go along with your profession. The skills required for an assistant teacher would mainly revolve around: She must possess ability to understand the capability of students, Strong motivational skills to help the kids to look up to you as an inspiration. A strict disciplinarian, who will help the children to relate to the importance of time. A patient attitude to come to terms with the fact that no two kids are the same and help every one of them to develop in the same environment, in addition to this he must possess non partial attitude while dealing with the needs of the children. She must have in depth knowledge about subject of instruction. Last but not the least she must possess a passion to teach and love the students as her own. Excellent coordination and communication skills.

To become an Assistant Teacher

In order to become an assistant teacher what you need most is a relevant educational qualification in the subject you wish to take up for teaching. Your earlier education must comprise of higher grades throughout your schooling years.

Career Scope

Once you have all the relevant qualifications and skills, teaching is indeed the most rewarding career which would help you to organize your talents in the best possible direction. It not only brings to you challenging opportunities but also help you to be nearer to innocence by giving you lifelong satisfaction.

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