Assistant Technical Designer Responsibilities

Ever since the fashion industry became organized and the brands went global, the number of jobs increased and thus the assistant technical designer responsibilities came into light. Assistant technical designer is an entry level position and the work delegated to a person in this position is not just diverse but very critical for the design and production process too.

An assistant technical designer is a person who provides administrative support to the senior technical designer and fashion designer. He carries out the research work and documentation for the various processes of designing, developing, prototyping and manufacturing apparels. Each process of design and production consumes a lot of time and the assistant technical designer has to put in all his efforts in order to complete the assigned tasks on time.

An assistant technical designer has to balance the flow of tasks and information across various personnel and departments. He acquires the samples and materials and records all purchases. He is also assigned with the task of creating sample designs and modifications in the fittings and pattern onto graphic designing applications.

Assistant technical designer responsibilities include check of all the quality standards. He should be able to identify discrepancies in people and processes and suggest measures to eliminate the same.

Read the following description of assistant technical designer responsibilities to learn about the functions related to this job.

Design, Process and Procurement Documentation

Market Research and Design Development

Monitoring and Suggesting Improvements/Improvisations

Quality Control

Assistant technical designer responsibilities is sometimes asked to maintain communication with the external agencies and accompany the senior designers during client meetings.

Skills of an Assistant Technical Designer

An assistant technical designer must be adaptable to work under stressful circumstances and with a large number of people on a routine basis. He needs to be a conversant individuals with experience of working on graphic design applications, digital communication and internet as a research tool.

Becoming an Assistant Technical Designer

To get selected for the position of an assistant technical designer, you need to be a graduate or a student in a fashion design or a related course. Experience is not mandatory, though some organizations may offer this position to individuals with a few months or an year's experience.

Career Scope for Assistant Technical Designer

Some organizations offer salary to individuals that may range from $48,000 to $77,000 while some other organizations offer this position to interns which means that they might earn very little or no salary. This job provides an excellent opportunity to get familiar with the operations of an apparel manufacturing firm. You may have to spend a few months or an year in this position before you get entitled for a permanent position and/or compensation.

Assistant technical designer responsibilities explain the requirements and significance of an assistant technical designer in an apparel design and manufacturing organization.

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