Assistant Treasurer Responsibilities

An assistant treasurer is a professional who works in government or a large organization and is in charge of the treasury. The main assistant treasurer responsibilities include analyzing the financial records and assisting the team members and the Treasury Manager to successfully perform different kinds of treasury management duties.

Prime Responsibilities of an Assistant Treasurer

The role of an assistant treasurer is not easy. To become successful in this field, you first need to know and have a good understanding of the responsibilities that you will need to shoulder as an assistant treasurer. Listed below are few of the major responsibilities of an assistant treasurer:

The role of a typical treasurer is to act as a point of contact for the treasury manager and the members of the organization. He is responsible for safeguarding the interests of the organization. He is updated with the latest financial status of the organization confirming that they follow all the legal rules and regulations. He is the best person to guide whenever anyone needs to retrieve any kind of information.

Qualities and the Pre-requisite Skills That Make a Winning Assistant Treasurer

Educational Qualifications

Any person who is a graduate in finance related field with relevant professional experience of more than two years is eligible to apply for the post of an assistant treasurer in any government body or any medium and large sized organization.

Work Schedule

The assistant treasurer is required to work in the office having general office timings. However, he may be required to work extra during the accounting closing procedures. He may need to communicate with international clients and thus require traveling at times.

Career Graph for an Assistant Treasurer

The role of an assistant treasurer demands maturity and you should definitely feel honored to get such a responsible position. Surely, you can assign some or part of your work to the subordinates; but it is you who will be responsible if anything untoward happens. By taking on the responsibility of an assistant treasurer, you are taking your first little step to climb up the ladder to become a successful treasurer.

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