Baker's Assistant Responsibilities

Whether it is for events, family get-togethers, or birthday parties, bakery products undoubtedly make an entry on all occasions. Several bakery products such as cakes, pastries, doughnuts, puffs, biscuits, etc., are popular among consumers. If you ever visit a bakery, you will realize that there are a lot of efforts that go into making bakery products. Bakers and managers together put in their efforts in managing the bakery operations. While the bakers handle the kitchen activities, the managers look after the bakery management responsibilities. The one person liaising between both is the baker's assistant. The bakery assistant plays a key role in looking after the bakery and coordinating functions of all the bakery employees. Although the chief responsibilities of the assistants include assisting the baker in his baking functions, he is responsible for other management responsibilities as well. Baker assistant responsibilities include the following:

Responsibilities as a Baker's Assistant

A baker's assistant provides support to the baker in preparing the food products. He helps in all cooking responsibilities such as mixing ingredients, making batter, pouring the batter in molds and baking it, decorating the baked products with icing, fruits pieces and crushed chocolate, etc. Once the bakery product is ready, he serves the products and stores them in storage areas. The assistant takes care of the individual tastes and demands of the customers while making the products

Inventory Management Responsibilities

A bakery assistant often takes up the role of an inventory manager. He is responsible to maintain the kitchen supplies. He purchases various ingredients required for the making of the bakery products. He must check the schedule of orders every day and ensure whether the required ingredients are available in sufficient quantities. Besides ingredients, he takes care of the kitchen equipments and instruments too that are used for baking. He replaces the equipments that have become obsolete with the new ones.

Bakery Management Responsibilities

The bakery manager looks after the operations of the bakery with the support of the bakery assistant. The assistant is responsible to make arrangements within the store with regards to the supplies, equipments, scheduling orders, maintaining cleanliness, managing work of all bakers, etc. He helps the manager to guide and direct the team of bakers to prepare the food products for the order and supply it on time.

Sales and Customer Service Management Responsibilities

The assistant acts as the face of the bakery. He communicates with the current and potential customers on behalf of the store. He responds to their questions, suggestions, and complaints. He interacts with the store customers and sells them the bakery products. He takes down orders for parties and makes suggestions for cakes, biscuits, cookies, and pastries to be supplied for the parties.

Food Safety and Cleanliness Maintenance Responsibilities

The assistant must make sure the bakery is kept clean and food items are stored under hygienic conditions. It is vital to ensure food is not contaminated when kept in the stores. The temperature of the storage area must be maintained at an appropriate level, so that the food is well preserved at all times. Store the supplies in clean containers and throw away the supplies that have been kept in the containers for a long time. He ensures the bakery follows the prescribed food safety regulations set by the food regulation authority.

To make a career on this position, you need to be proficient in your cooking skills, especially in cooking bakery products. One must have creative skills and innovation abilities that will help one decorate the products and make it tempting for the customers. Baker's assistant responsibilities are not restricted to mere kitchen responsibilities, it includes managerial responsibilities too. If you have the passion for cooking, then you can kick-start your career in the food industry by working as a baker's assistant.

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