Editorial Assistant Job Description

Significant incidents happen all across the world and many of them go unnoticed. The remaining ones get coverage from the media. It is the responsibility of the Assistant Editor to get the written materials or the manuscript ready for approval by the Senior Editor or publication. He collects and writes the important issues and discusses it out with his Senior Editor. The Editorial Assistant responsibilities include proofreading copies and executing other general office duties that help the Editor and the office function at its best.

Key responsibilities of Editorial Assistant

The Assistant Editor has a tedious job. He remains very busy in the office and has many responsibilities on his shoulders. Without him,the Senior Editor may not be able to proceed ahead. He proofreads the manuscript of a book or the article of a newspaper for spelling and grammatical errors to ensure that the copy is really good and readable by everyone. He helps the Senior Editor to focus on the main events and also provides artworks or images that are accompanied with the same. Following are the Editorial Assistant responsibilities :

  1. He rewrites manuscripts that suit the needs of the Editorial policy.
  2. He meets the writers and suggests some changes to their copies.
  3. He organizes page layouts and makes the necessary changes that are required.
  4. He chooses different images and examples that accompany the essays.
  5. He responds to the correspondence regarding the published materials of his firm.
  6. He decides whether a particular copy is suitable for reading or not.
  7. He performs some general office duties that include helping the Editorial staff,answering phone calls in the office,making photocopies, mailing and answering queries of the public.
  8. He reviews the copies of novels and other literary books in order to rate them on a scale of 1 to 5.These reviews are also published in the newspapers on the basis of which,the public decides to buy that particular novel or book.
  9. He is sometimes,responsible for modifying a particular copy in case the Senior Editor or the Chief Editor is absent.
  10. He discusses with the writers different strategies and ways to meet the demands of the readers.He also plays a major role in making the copy interesting and readable.

He motivates his team members and encourages them to write even better quality articles that are very interesting,attractive and that meet the eyes of the readers. Improving the writing skills of the Editorial staff is his major concern. He ensures that his Editorial team and the Senior Editor are satisfied with him. For this,he works hard and is very creative in his endeavors. His hard work and creativity raise the spirits of his Editorial staff and the Senior Editor and this leads to the production of good quality write - ups.

Vital Skills Required

The Assistant Editor should be smart and intelligent. He should have the ability to be spontaneous and responsive in demanding situations. He should be able to come up with important suggestions to the Senior Editor that will help improve the quality of the copy or the manuscript. He should have strong speaking and writing skills. This is always an asset to the company. Being creative and possessing presence of mind are some other needed skills. The Assistant Editor must brush up his vocabulary skills on a regular basis.

Qualifications Required

A person who would like to be appointed as an Assistant Editor should have a bachelor's or a master's in Mass Communications and Journalism. Also,a bachelor's or master's in English Literature would be apt for him going to that post. Apart from this,he who does writing courses has an added advantage. Interning with reputed magazines,newspapers,journals,publishing houses and literary firms would be considered an asset for this position.

Work Environment

An Assistant Editor works in an environment that is stressful,yet congenial. He works in an office,but may also work from home online in certain situations. Working from home would require a lot of telecommuting. He generally works 5 days a week and has a lot of pressure to meet the deadlines. He indulges in odd and long hours of work.


The average salary of an Assistant Writer is USD 38,684 per annum. But this may vary from USD 20,176 to USD 1,18,976 per annum. The salary again depends on the location,experience,certification and the kind of firm he is working in. A large firm will pay him a good salary.

Thus,an Assistant Editor plays a a vital role in running the organization and helps execute the duties of the Editorial staff as well as the organization. This way,he is very responsible for the name and prosperity of the organization.

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