Engineering Aide Responsibilities

Engineering aide professionals are involved in assisting the engineering head in the related field of engineering. They are involved in managing all the field work related to development of projects. From conducting surveys to carrying out quality controls, engineering aide employees aid in proper functioning of the entire engineering project.

Role of an engineering aide professional is similar to that of an engineering technician, but it does not cover the technological aspect. Engineering aide professionals assist the head engineer in almost all the aspects of project development. They are involved in conducting project related surveys, assessment mapping, developing blueprints, estimating costs, and performing quality assurance tests.

Key Responsibilities

An engineering aide is involved in performing routine, semi-skilled tasks required for supporting the engineering / architecture based project. Job responsibilities include executing, operating, and administrating the project draft details and judgmental analysis of the same. It also requires managing internal and external contacts for accomplishing the work.

The basic responsibilities of an engineering aide include:

Required Qualifications and Skills

The basic eligibility required for this job position is high school / college graduate in the field of trigonometry, algebra, and geometry. Additional courses in plane surveying, design graphics, technical illustration, or drafting are also considered. Precise knowledge of mathematical formulations and engineering and construction terminologies are needed for accurately performing various tasks like land survey operations and precisely measuring the instruments. Overall fitness is also considered, as he has to perform various tasks under changing physical and climatic conditions.

Entry level job openings are available for this post, but a relevant experience in the construction field as an engineering aide / technician is preferred. Equivalent training / experience in the related field of engineering is considered, but not required. A valid Class C driving license in compliance with the respective state authority is also required.

Work Environment

The job profile of an engineering aide includes both office work and field work, of which 80% of the time they are expected to work in the office. While the working environment in the office is usually temperature-controlled, they may have to face harsh weather conditions on-field. Noise level may also vary from moderate to high on-field, depending upon the work conditions.

Scope of Growth

The position of an engineering aide is divided into three levels. The promotion generally occurs gradually from level I to II and then from level II to III on merit basis. Level I is the entry level position for any engineering aide professional. Level II comprises more independent work and level III includes handling additional responsibility for handling the team and training the lower aides under the supervision of the engineering head.

Salary Compensation

The average salary range for the post of an engineering aide falls between $55,000 to $75,000 annually. The salary keeps increasing as an engineering aide gets promoted from level I to II and then to III.

For starting a career in the field of architecture or construction engineering, it is beneficial to start as an engineering aide. A deeper look at the engineering aide responsibilities can provide you the proper guidance you need before starting your career.

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