Executive Administrative Assistant Job Description

Executive administrative assistant responsibilities need to be executed properly to ensure that the organization functions smoothly and efficiently. They generally report to the senior person in the administration department. They are the persons who take care of the basic administrative functions that need to be handled by their boss. Thus, though they perform behind the scenes, they are like the right hand to their boss and play a pivotal role in the running of the organization.

Key Responsibilities of Executive Administrative Assistant

Executive administrative assistant needs to carry out a wide range of responsibilities like scheduling the clients appointments, coordinating and participating in the meeting, making travel arrangements, preparation of correspondence material, answering the telephone calls, greeting the visitors, and providing administrative support to the senior personnel. Here is a detailed description of the key responsibilities that are handled by an executive administrative assistant:

  1. Reception Related Duties: To carry out the duties related to the reception like attending phone calls, answering them, routing them appropriately, listening carefully to the messages and conveying it immediately to the concerned person, maintaining cleanliness in the reception area, making travel arrangements, making reservations, greeting the guests, visitors and directing them properly, etc.

  2. Database System Management: To assist in compiling and completion of the statistical data and reports, keeping a track of attendance, updating and entering accurate data related to inventories, etc.

  3. Administration work: To type the correspondence material, to make accurate data entry in various kinds of reports, handling the mails, answering them after discussing it with the seniors, marking them and directing them based on priority, producing mail labels, reports as per the request, updating the mailing list, book keeping, constantly maintaining and updating the files and records, retrieving the information whenever there is a request and maintaining complete confidentiality about business related records, information, data, and relationships

Additionally, they are also responsible for maintaining good, healthy, professional relationships with the clients, recording the minutes of meetings and distributing them, taking care of the office equipment and repairing it whenever necessary, making the necessary payments on time, scheduling the meetings, preparing the agendas, making presentations, ordering the office supplies by negotiating with the vendors, etc. At times, they may be involved in conducting research, supervising the junior staff personnel, and training them. Thus, they perform high level administration duties and function in coordination with the top level management personnel.

Essential Skills

Executive administrative assistants are usually involved in handling reception, administration, and management areas. Therefore, to be a successful executive administration assistant, one must be proficient in computers, especially, should be skilled at handling word processors, spreadsheet, email, management of large database, etc. They should have excellent communication skills as they need to handle guests, clients, and answer the phone calls. Exceptional organization and time management skills would be a plus. Multi tasking ability would ensure effective administration of the organization. Excellent writing skills are essential as they need to handle electronic communication.

Educational Qualifications

Any individual who has completed a high school graduation or a formal training related to general administration can apply for this job. Basic computer skills with English grammar skills would be essential to make the entry. Those with additional certification would definitely have better opportunities and will have more chances for advancement.

Work Schedule

They generally are found working in schools, hospitals, government agencies, legal offices, industries, etc. They generally work full time in a normal office environment with duty hours usually lasting up to forty to forty five hours per week, but at times they may work from home.

Career Prospects

There is a tremendous work load on the top level management people and hence, to ensure that their work is perfect, they usually hire executive assistants in administration, so that their work pressure is reduced, and they are able to function efficiently with a relaxed mind. Thus, there is always going to be an increasing demand for such type of jobs. Those with experience and additional training will definitely climb up the ladder of success more easily.

Thus, if you are good at organizational skills, have the requisite qualifications and experience, and are interested administration work, shouldering executive administrative assistant responsibilities would definitely be much more easier.

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