Faculty Research Assistant Responsibilities

In almost all of the educational institutes, the faculty is assigned with several tasks apart form core classroom teaching. One important function they are assigned with is the research that they conduct for the benefit of the students and the community as well. In this pursuit, they need support of a professional who understands the need and importance of research. This individual is known as a faculty research assistant, and his work responsibilities provide enormous support to the faculty involved in research projects as a part of their job.

True to the title of this profile, a person working as a faculty research assistant is required to work with the research faculty in a specific department. He has to perform a wide range of duties that includes, but is not limited to collection and verification of data, database modeling and transcription, share research reports, circulate notes, etc.

On a normal day at work, a faculty research assistant is required to execute his duties diligently. His responsibilities are to work honestly and with respect to the research requirements. He has to preserve and protect sensitive and confidential data. He has to deal with a lot of paperwork and digital information everyday and has to file and save the information, so that it can be retrieved easily in future.

Other responsibilities of a faculty research assistant are to involve in the research process with wholehearted dedication and ensure that his duties are fulfilled in due time to avoid any delay in the project. He has to avoid carelessness and work with full attention to keep the project running at a smooth pace.

More information about the responsibilities of a faculty research assistant are provided below.

Collecting and Verifying Data

To collect data, a faculty research assistant is first required to understand the project requirements. Accordingly, he to to identify the source from where information can be collected. Alternately, he can ask the faculty to find out about the most reliable source of information. After collecting data, he has to verify the accuracy of the information that the data has to offer, and identify whether there is a discrepancy in the information so collected.

Database Modeling

Once a research assistant is done with collecting and verifying information, he inputs the data into an application and arranges it in a format that makes it easy for the faculty and others to understand.

Preparing Presentations

A faculty research assistant prepares presentations for the faculty. These presentations are delivered by the faculty in staff meetings, classrooms, and seminars.

Sharing Research Findings

A faculty research assistant is often assigned with the task of sharing the information with department, students, community, or external agencies and federal organizations.

Skills of a Faculty Research Assistant

To work efficiently as a faculty research assistant, a person should be:

Becoming a Faculty Research Assistant

To work as a faculty research assistant, you first need to finish your education with a degree (associate/bachelor's/master's) in a related subject. For example, to work with a science faculty, you need a degree in chemistry/biology/life sciences or a subject that matches the job requirements. Experience is not a prerequisite, although some institutes may ask for the same.

Career Scope for a Faculty Research Assistant

Average salary for a faculty research assistant is $46,000. Other allowances and benefits are provided and amount for these allowances differs with each organization.

Faculty research assistant responsibilities are for people who want to learn about a nice entry level position that allows them to associate with the profession of educational research.

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