Account Associate Job Description

One of the important things to do while searching for a job in this field is finding out the account associate responsibilities in different companies. When one goes through a number of job descriptions in the employment advertisements or on the official websites of companies, one comes to know the variety and scope of work.

But along side these, one should refer to the government records, statistics and refer to the facts and figures about the salary structures, scope for growth in this profession, etc. As for the account associate responsibilities, we have complied most of the duties in the following. Have a look.

Responsibilities Of Account Associate

Account associates are basically the staff members in the team of accountants who take care of certain specific responsibilities like providing support to the seniors or the management.

Maintain Records

They are of utmost use to the company when it comes to facing audits because account assistants are responsible for the bookkeeping and maintaining all kinds of clerical records. For the same purpose, these professionals are an asset to the administrative department of an organization too. The administration needs information database, which is compiled and provided by the account associates.

One of the duties of the account assistant job profile is to constantly update the monetary transaction records as well as the updates in dealing exchanges that happens between the company and clients.

Software Program

One needs to use the accounting software programs for these and thus it becomes quintessential to know these programs. Similarly one also needs to plan and design different formats and sheets to maintain different records.


More often than not when an account assistant gains substantial experience in handling the work profile well, he or she is given the responsibility of training the newcomers in the company.

Applications and Payments

The work profile of account associates consists of making applications for different purposes, both, for the clients to fill up as well as the employees too. They decide the mode of payment and ensure all the details for the same are carried out properly.


Process contracts, employee payments, business deals, etc., are drafted by the account associates and updated in the respective records too.


Since the above mentioned formalities and duties are handled by the account associates, they need to communicate these updates with the respective people. Communication consists of making and taking phone calls, answering or sending e-mails.

Track Transactions

These professionals' duties also include keeping track of the finances and investments in different departments. The main area of concern is the tax filing and meeting the legal requirements for this purpose.

Professional Requirements of Account Associate

There are certain educational requirements of this profession, as given below:

Scope and Salary of Account Associate

Government statistics reveal that account associates will see a hike of a good 22 percent, i.e., estimated to grow till the year 2018. The reason behind this increase is the government rules and regulation for the accounting practices in the United States.

With the globalization and coming of international trades the avenues for account associates will see bright employment opportunities.

In the United States the salaries differ in every state. There are various factors some of them being lesser standard of living index, the location for the city, the strength of the company or association, the industry you are working for, etc.

Apart from these usual factors, factors like the qualification and professional experience, the achievements and special efforts one has put in the course of employment makes a difference in the salary.

The median salary of an account associate is around $38,000 and $51,000, the former being the minimum and latter maximum. These figures are exclusive of the bonuses given by employers.

Thus, these were the account associate responsibilities which give you an idea of what this profession involves. Career experts always recommend us to go through such data, and check the government official information too about the profession before you actually settle for a specific job.

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