AdWords Associate Responsibilities

AdWords associate responsibilities are focused in handling the various operations of online advertising in Google. It is more like client servicing for the online medium rather than the traditional media used for advertising.

An AdWords associate works with multiple clients who have been advertising on Google and also who would like to initiate online advertising campaign for their products or services. Google has emerged as one of the most effective platform for online advertising and the companies today rely to place their brand on the World Wide Web to promote their products and services to widespread audiences. Working for a global advertising platform, an AdWords associate is expected to help the clients in achieving desired results through advertising.

An AdWords associate communicates with the clients and answers their queries regarding online advertising campaigns. He manages the portfolio of existing clients and informs them about the new products and schemes offered by Google. Online advertising may seem insignificant but there are brands that have benefited from online advertising and the AdWords associate is expected to provide excellent solutions so that the money so invested by the clients generates profits by attracting more customers.

The following AdWords associate responsibilities are commonly assigned for professionals joining Google in this position:

The AdWords associate responsibilities do not end with what we have described above. AdWords associates also help in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) without which the ad campaign may not serve any purpose.

Skills of an AdWords Associate

An AdWords associate is expected to be well versed with the new medium and using the web space effectively. He must have an analytical thought process combined with an attention to detail in order to help the advertisers earn profits through advertising.

Becoming an AdWords Associate

You can appear for the Google AdWords Professional or GAP program offered by Google. This program will teach you how the basics and advanced AdWords applications and the advertising model adapted for online media. Previous experience of working in advertising and marketing is also beneficial as it gives you an insight into the market behavior which can be applied for the online medium too.

Career Scope for AdWords Associate

Average annual compensation for AdWords associate ranges around $53,000 and you can be provided with additional benefits and allowances. AdWords associates can be paid either on hourly or monthly basis. AdWords associates will continue to be in demand due to the ever increasing online advertising industry.

Many organizations prefer to hire AdWords associate to look after their marketing campaigns owing to the huge amounts invested in the campaign.

AdWords associate responsibilities help in running an effective online campaign for the clients.

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