Associate Account Representative Responsibilities

Sales drive an organization. Every organization today is in pursuit of expanding its business and acquiring new clients. The associate account representative responsibilities are related with the sales operations wherein the person working in this position is an aide to the accounts representative or the accounts manager of an organization.

An associate account representative is not just another sales person who aims just to sell the products and services to the clients. Of course selling comes under his tasks; he supports the sales activities by searching for and acquiring new clients. A client is referred to as a client and it is the job of an associate account representative to keep records of all the accounts and look after the requirements of specific clients or all the clients, as directed by the accounts manager.

An associate account representative communicates with the clients to know about their requirements and fulfill the same to maintain the sales graph. He assists the clients with post sales service. Any problems faced by the clients are resolved by the associate account representative and he is solely responsible to maintain the communication between the clients and the organization and ensure client satisfaction to maintain organizations goodwill.

A detailed, category based description of the associate account representative responsibilities will help you learn about this job and accordingly prepare for the same if you are interested in this profession.

Identifying New Opportunities

An associate account representative looks out for prospective clients and regions to expand the horizon of business. He collects information about prospective clients and contacts them or provides the contact details to the accounts manager for arranging a meeting. He may also contact existing clients to obtain references of prospective clients.

Providing Customer Service to Existing Clients

An associate account representative maintains relations with the existing clients and resolves any problem that may occur with the product or service they have been using.

Maintaining Account Documents

An associate account representative maintains the documents of every account and provides the same to the accounts manager or other staff when asked for. He makes changes to the records as and when required.

Cross Sell/Up Sell

An associate account representative cross sells or up sells in order to provide new services and additional features for the products that clients are using. This is not only helpful in increasing sales and profits, but also in keeping the clients satisfied.

Collecting Payments

An associate account representative collects the payments from the clients for sales and other services.

Skills of an Associate Account Representative

An associate account representative must be inclined towards sales and customer service. He should be able to contribute in the business development and expansion in order to acquire new clients and earn profits through sales. He should be proficient in using computer applications to record the business activities and transactions.

Becoming an Associate Account Representative

To become an associate account representative, an individual first needs to complete his education in marketing, business management, sales, or a related coursework that helps to learn about business development and client servicing. Previous experience may help you to stay ahead of other candidates, although it is not a prerequisite.

Career Scope for Associate Account Representative

Salary for this job differs with the job location and individuals qualifications. One organization may pay you $40,000 for this job, while another may pay an annual salary of $70,000. Salary will also differ depending on the way you negotiate with the employer.

Working as an associate account representative is interesting as you get to meet new people every day. While sales may seem to be a monotonous task, you can be rest assured that it is not just sales that will be assigned to you. Having read the associate account representative responsibilities, you must have realized that this job goes beyond selling and is a nice option to utilize your skills and knowledge and to make a bright career in accounts management.

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