Associate Managing Editor Responsibilities

The associate managing editor works under the supervision of the managing editor. The main associate managing editor responsibilities are writing, reviewing, rewriting and editing the work of the writers in order to make it perfectly reader friendly so that it reaches a diverse range of population. The role and responsibilities of associate managing editor depends on the size of the organization where the duties may be more or less similar in nature.

Primary and Secondary Responsibilities of Associate Managing Editor

Associate managing editor plays a crucial role in coordinating, planning, and developing the content that is flawless ensuring that the best quality is delivered. Let us study in detail the key responsibilities that need to be shouldered by an associate managing editor:

  1. The prime responsibility is to make sure that the writers deliver quality content
  2. He should go through and read their articles thoroughly to make sure that there are no grammatical errors. Proper proof reading is a must to ensure quality
  3. If there are any small issues he should edit them. If the quality is not at par with the standard then he should ask the writers to rewrite the content
  4. He should review and evaluate the proof read content before it is published to avoid horrendous errors
  5. He should keep contacts with the other departments to resolve issues if any and provide alternative solutions
  6. He should ensure that the published work meets the required deadlines and is good in its artwork, layout. He should see that the work is carried out within the stipulated budget

Apart from these primary responsibilities he needs to carry out some secondary responsibilities which are as under:

Essential Skills of an Associate Managing Editor

To be a successful as an associate managing editor an individual should possess at least some of the following essential skills:

  1. He should possess excellent written and oral communication skills with good command over the language. The content should be proof read thoroughly to eliminate all the spelling and grammatical mistakes
  2. He should have an extensive knowledge of management principles and several kinds of press styles
  3. He should be skilled in the management of budgets and its execution
  4. He should keep himself updated with the current affairs and other developments related to the publishing
  5. He should have excellent people, time management and organizational skills
  6. He should be comfortable working under pressure and should be able to meet the deadlines

Educational Requirements for an Associate Managing Editor

If you want to pursue your career as an associate managing editor you need to have a bachelor's degree in English, Journalism, communication or any other relevant field. An experience in a similar profile with a responsible experience in journalism, editing or research will prove to be beneficial.

Work Hours for an Associate Managing Editor

Associate managing editor needs to shoulder many responsibilities. Moreover, being required to work in a fast paced environment and to meet the given deadlines, it becomes obvious that he will need to work for extended hours. He may require to work in the evenings, late nights, weekends or even on the holidays. Sometimes if some research is needed he may need to travel.

Career Advancement for an Associate Managing Editor

A demonstrated experience that illustrates your writing, editing skills will pave your way to success to handle the responsibility of a managing editor. If you are good at meeting the deadlines, it will help you in getting some new assignments.

Carrying out the associate managing editor responsibilities successfully along with the requisite skills, qualifications will help you to establish in this competitive industry.

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