Associate Merchant Responsibilities

The associate merchant is one of the highest posts in the organization and thus, he has to perform a lot of duties. He works under the overall supervision of the senior marketing director and reports to the board of directors. Some of the major responsibilities of the associate merchant are given below in detail:

Skills of associate merchant responsibilities

The job of the associate merchant requires a lot of skills only then can fulfill the duties properly. The person should be an expert in this field to get the rewards equivalent to his hard work. Some of the major skills of the associate merchant are given below:

Academic qualifications of associate merchant

To become an associate merchant , a person needs to be highly qualified and should possess an in depth knowledge of the marketing techniques. The educational qualifications of the associate merchant are given below:

Career scope for associate merchant

The associate merchant looks after the business and makes sure that the advertising of the product is done properly. He looks after the marketing activities so that the advertising of the products can be done with perfection. Also, he makes sure that the product is properly publicized. The associate merchant is usually promoted to the post of executive merchant if his work is exceptionally good. He might also try in other organizations to looks after the entire marketing function and also the finances. He can only try in other organizations if he possesses all the qualities that the employer is looking for.

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