Associate Planner Responsibilities

The associate planner works under the supervision of the planning manager. His major responsibility is to plan the proper usage of the land, the tax that should be paid and to have complete knowledge of estate laws. The associate planner is required to keep a full fledged record of the clients and the projects that he has undertaken. The responsibilities of the associate planner include reviewing the development policies of the city they are working in so that no legal problem may creep up. The associate planner responsibility is to discuss issues such as zoning, transportation and housing. He has to make sure that he acts as a representative as and when required.

The associate planner should be good in communication skills so that he might explain different topics easily. He should have an in depth knowledge of land, the taxes that are to be paid and about the economy. He gives orders to his subordinates and keeps an eye on their work so that no false information is given to the clients. His work is to assist the planning manager and carry out his orders with perfection. The post of associate planner has a lot of responsibilities to carry out and if they are done properly, the planning of land can be done effectively.

Associate Planner Responsibilities in detail

Associate planner is a responsible post in any architectural or land related organization. He has to have the knowledge of the land related issues so that the planning work may take place properly. Some of the major responsibilities that are followed by the associate planner are given below:

Skills of an associate planner

To become an associate planner, a person needs to be skillful in his job. He has to take care of a lot many things so that the work of planning may run smoothly. Some of the major skills of an associate planner include having the complete knowledge of the current tax laws and how the strategies are planned. The associate planner has to be well aware of the economy and the land related projects that take place. He has to be intelligent so that the decision making can be fast. The associate planner should keep a data base of the work that he does and should maintain the record of the clients and their queries with him. The skills of the associate planner also consists of completing his targets even under pressure. He should know how to work both independently and in the group.

Educational requirements for an associate planner

To plan the use of land efficiently, the associate planner has to be intelligent so that he can take decisions on the spot. The educational requirements of the associate planner are given below:

Career opportunities for an associate planner

An associate planner is a respectable position in the field of planning. They carry out all the planning related to land, site plans and the reviews of the environment. If the associate planner works efficiently and laboriously they might get a position hike in the organization. The associate planner can get promoted to the post of planning manager. The associate planner may also look for jobs in other planning organizations. Their main aim is to plan how the lands should be brought to proper use.

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