Associate Planning Director Responsibilities

Associate planning director can work in different environments like rural, urban, suburban, large cities and in a variety of fields ranging from federal, local or state government, nonprofit organization or in private sector. He assists and works under the supervision of planning director. The associate planning director responsibilities are to set up targets and constantly develop and implement new strategies so as to achieve the goals and objectives of an organization.

Key Responsibilities of an Associate Planning Director

The growth and progress of any organization is dependent on its proper planning procedures and its successful implementation. This is the point where an associate planning director comes in to action. Here is a brief description of the key responsibilities that need to be handled by an associate planning director:

  1. He is the principal assistant to the planning director and assists him in the general administration work
  2. He hires, selects, trains, evaluates the performance of the subordinates and the new trainees
  3. He actively participates in the preparation and development of the budgets
  4. He implements plans to achieve the goals and objectives outlined by the organization
  5. He plans and makes policies and procedures that will help the organization to grow
  6. To ensure that all the plans are carried out efficiently and effectively

Apart from these responsibilities he also handles a variety of other duties which are as under:

  1. To prioritize and assign the responsibilities to the subordinates according to the work load
  2. He participates in staff meetings and presents the reports to the management
  3. To plan for corrective actions that need to taken to resolve issues related to the department
  4. He should carry out a thorough research work to carry out innovative plans that will help to broaden the horizons of the organization
  5. He should motivate the team members to give their best

Essential Skills of an Associate Planning Director

The skills required to make a mark as an associate planning director are as follows:

  1. Exceptional planning skills are a must especially for the post of an associate planning director which should be demonstrated by your previous work experience
  2. Ability to prioritize work by demonstrating excellent time management and organizational skills are a pre-requisite to ensure effective implementation of the project
  3. Excellent communication skills are essential to develop healthy professional relationship with subordinates, seniors and clients
  4. Proficient in computers and ability to generate reports
  5. He should be creative and develop new ideas and plans that will increase the revenue for an organization
  6. Good negotiation skills are required while approving contracts and agreements

Educational Requirements for an Associate Planning Director

A bachelor's degree from an accredited university relevant to the planning field is sufficient to make an entry. However, since this is a post that is considered in top management level it should be backed by strong experience in a similar field. A master's degree will definitely give you an edge over the competitors.

Work Hours of an Associate Planning Director

Associate Planning Director is a responsible post which requires him to work for extended hours. He may work extra in the evenings, late nights, weekends and may even need to work on holidays if he is required to attend the meetings, conferences, seminars or needs to make certain presentations. They may be required to travel occasionally.

Salary Details of an Associate Planning Director

The salary offered is highly competitive if it is demonstrated by a successful track record and the relevant educational qualifications. He may also have some added benefits and bonuses.

Career Advancement for an Associate Planning Director

If you are able to shoulder the associate planning director responsibilities effectively you can soon be promoted as a planning director which offers professional and personal growth.

Thus, the success of any business organization is dependent on how well the associate planning director responsibilities are implemented and executed.

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