Associate Portfolio Management Responsibilities

Associate portfolio management is the work of a professional working either for a stock trading firm, an investment bank or any other organization that deal in a range of goods and/or services. The term portfolio management in a stock trading firm or investment bank refers to the management of a clients investments and assets whereas for other organizations, it refers to the management of products or services provided by the organization.

For the stock trading firms and investment banks, the associate portfolio management responsibilities include management of the documentation, research, presentations and all other activities to provide the best investment options to the clients. He all needs to administer their accounts for profitable returns on the investments. He works towards business development and marketing by associating with the concerned staff.

The portfolio management associate who manages the products and services portfolio of an organization is constantly indulged in market and competition research. This is because he has to provide recommendations to the management regarding development and launch of new products or services. He also has to inform the management if the existing ones need to be discontinued or altered to match the market trends.

A detailed description of associate portfolio management responsibilities will help you to distinguish both the jobs.

Associate Portfolio Management in Stock Trading Firm/Investment Bank

The job of a portfolio management associate usually begins with interaction with the clients either on a one to one basis or with the portfolio manager. Once he identifies the financial background and investment preferences of the client, he discusses the requirements and analyzes the best options available.

The portfolio management associate performs all the paperwork to maintain the records of clients and their investments and also keeps the management updated with these records. He leads the junior staff in the organization and mentors them in becoming seasoned professionals.

The portfolio management associate also helps the clients in selling their investment plans when they can fetch maximum returns on investments. To ensure this, the portfolio management associate has to constantly monitor the stock exchange and commodity markets.

When it comes to business development, the portfolio management associate participates in the meetings and helps the portfolio manager in preparing presentations and discussing the plans with the clients.

A portfolio management associate working in an investment bank, apart from providing investment solutions, also advices corporate clients on mergers and acquisitions. He supports the senior staff in arranging the deal for the client.

Associate Portfolio Management in Other Organizations

Here, the portfolio management associate constantly monitors the buying trend of consumers and the products and services offered by competitors. This is necessary to update the portfolio of products and services offered by the organization and suffice market requirements. The portfolio management associate presents the statistical analysis to the management. The management then discuss and standardize the services offered.

Skills of an Associate Portfolio Management

A portfolio management associate has to be excellent with the concepts of portfolio management. He should be able to work with team spirit and support the organization through his acumen and passion for this profession. He should be attentive to detail, organized and flexible so that it becomes easy for him to manage all the tasks efficiently.

Becoming an Associate Portfolio Management

To become a portfolio management associate, you need at least a bachelor's or master's degree in finance, marketing, economics, or any other course that helps you to learn the basics of portfolio management.

Career Scope for Associate Portfolio Management

You can be assured of a bright future in this profession because both the investment and manufacturing sectors need efficient professionals for this position who can work with an objective of mutual growth and benefit.

Associate portfolio management responsibilities provide guidelines for you to decide whether you want to opt for the courses and learn other techniques required to excel in this profession. Individuals who are looking out for a job in this field are advised to understand the job responsibilities as it will help you understand if you are inclined to make a career as an Associate portfolio management executive.

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