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Whenever you watch movies you see a long list of names like producer, co-producer, executive producer, assistant producer, associate producer to name a few. Have you ever given a thought what is the exact role of each one of them? It becomes all the more important to gain knowledge if you are planning to take up a career in the production line. If you are aiming to become the producer it becomes obvious that you first take up the job in a junior position to help you get acquainted with the associate producer responsibilities.

Key Responsibilities of an Associate Producer

Associate producer normally works under the supervision of a producer and assists him with his day-to-day production work. He is actively involved in the pre and post production work. The nature of responsibilities that need to be handled may vary depending on the production unit where they are working. Here is a list of the general responsibilities that need to be handled by an associate producer:

  1. He works in close association with the producer to develop different program ideas and concepts
  2. He does a fair amount of the relevant research work for the projects by gathering the knowledge and information from the available resources
  3. He needs to organize and summarize his work based on the results and get the work done as per the priority
  4. He is responsible for the arrangement and organization of the crew members and supervision of the production personnel
  5. He assists in the financial matters by managing the budgets
  6. He actively participates in the creative work by getting involved in the development of stories and suggesting improvements if needed.

Besides he performs some additional duties like he schedules and oversees the production team. He supervises the production unit and hires the members whenever there is a need. He also handles the editing, packaging and supervision of post production work. He instructs the production crew and ensures that the shooting is at par with the quality standards.

Essential Skills of an Associate Producer

Before you take up the job of an associate producer make sure you have at least some of the following skills:

Excellent communication skills are crucial while interacting with the unit members and the clients. He should have an eye for detail with excellent time management and organizational skills to get the projects completed on time.

Educational Requirements for an Associate Producer

To qualify for the post of an associate producer you need to have a bachelor's degree in liberal arts, journalism, business management or marketing. Additional courses in editing,advertising or production will definitely be a plus. If you have a creative mind and are good at handling the financial matters you can definitely apply for this particular post. If you have good contacts and networking connections it will only help to raise the money needed for a project.

Work Schedule

The work of an associate producer is not that of your standard nine hour work schedule. In fact, it is quite irregular and may involve weekend or evening timing as per the schedule of the shoot. He is often required to work under tight timings and may require to work for extra hours.

Salary Details

The earnings for an associate producer vary depending on the size and type of production unit. It also depends on the skills, educational background and the production experience.

Career Scope

Once you are well-acquainted with the associate producer responsibilities you can be sure to handle the roles and responsibilities involved in becoming a producer for a project.

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