Associate Professor Chemistry Responsibilities

Role of an associate professor chemistry

Associate professor chemistry is a professional who assists the senior professor to provide training to the students in chemistry according to the specialization they have like organic, chemical analysis of inorganic materials, etc. to guide students about the nature of substances, their form and chemical composition occurring in natural form, chemical states of the substances their compositional formula, chemical structure as well as physical and chemical properties of the substances. As an associate professor he will have to put in 50 % contribution in the research and the other 50 % will go in providing lectures to the students in the college as a part of his/her assessment after which the candidate on successful completion of tenure will be absorbed as a regular chemistry professor.

Duties/Responsibilities of associate professor chemistry

The typical responsibilities of the associate chemistry professor would mainly comprise of preparation of lessons and curriculum for the students, preparation of notes based on the curriculum, guiding the students in the practical use of chemical reagents in the laboratory. Help the students to grasp the concepts through simplified explanations, make illustrations, models and diagrams to simplify the subject.

Guide the students on the use of the laboratory materials in a way by instructing them to take proper precautions to handle the inflammatory reagents in the laboratory. Assist the professor to handle the students who are weak in comprehension of the subject by encouraging them to come up with the problems, helping to resolve the problems by simplified explanations through presentations and illustrations. Motivate their performances through positive reinforcements.

Involve the students by organizing seminars on the subjects involved in the study. Use innovative ideas to promote methodologies and strategies in collaboration with the professor to make learning much easier. Help the senior chemistry professors in research work by providing matter related to the subject.

Skills required for associate professor chemistry

In order to take up the responsibilities of the associate chemistry professor the essential skills would include an in depth knowledge about the chemistry subject, an aptitude to do effective research on the concept behind the lesson in consideration , an aptitude to understand the fact each student is unique and make an effort to help them in their difficulty by providing alternative ways to grasp the matter, an all-round knowledge about the handling of laboratory equipment along with a brief knowledge about the chemical reagents used in the laboratory. A calm and pleasant personality to enable the students to have a good rapport to enable them to relate their problems freely in a way to get them resolved, an ability to help the students to develop their interest in the subject, etc.

Prerequisites for associate professor chemistry

As associate chemistry professor you will require to possess an essential master's degree in chemistry along with a relevant doctorate in the subject, which is essentially a must for a professors post. Apart from this she/he must possess an influential personality to pose as an inspirational model for the students. Apart from this he requires to possess knowledge of the laboratory agents and tools to issue activities to the technician.

Working hours

The working hours will be as per the administration of the college curriculum that is 7 hours a day will go into providing lectures, meanwhile the other hours of the day will be utilized in researching and providing matter for writing the research papers of the senior faculty concerned which might include weekends in short to seek flexibility in timings.

Career Scope of associate professor chemistry

After completion of degree or masters course in chemistry one can opt to work as an associate chemistry professor in the colleges, educational hubs, schools, etc. The senior chemistry professor has to make research papers , deliver lectures and provide doctorates to the researching students to facilitate all these works the services of the associate professors are utilized in majority of the educational centers concerned today.

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