Associate Programmer Responsibilities

There are various opportunities for the associate programmers in today's fast paced work environment; be it a radio or television programmer, a scientific programmer or the most commonly found computer programmer. The associate programmer assists the programmer in handling his daily routine activities.

A radio or a television associate programmer is responsible for planning, scheduling and broadcasting of several programs keeping in mind the kind of audience, the content of the program and ensures that it adheres to the quality standards outlined. They are involved in developing interesting content that will attract the audience.

A scientific associate programmer uses his programming skills to develop a program that would be designed to help in meeting the needs of the user. Designing based on the specifications provided and checking its applicability are the most essential functions that need to be executed.

Key Responsibilities of an Associate Programmer

As seen above the associate programmer responsibilities vary depending on the kind of environment they are working in. Let us understand in detail the key responsibilities that need to be handled by an associate computer programmer:

  1. To write and develop a program code as per the specifications
  2. To do the coding, troubleshooting and testing for the program designed by using appropriate hardware and programming technology
  3. To evaluate, study and research whether any unwanted changes have occurred
  4. If there are any issues try to eliminate those errors
  5. To modify the program as per the recommendations and design flow charts by making the necessary coding changes
  6. He should constantly keep in touch with the users to gain knowledge about the existing programs and try to understand the changes that may be needed

He also needs to perform some additional duties which are as under:

Educational Qualifications of an Associate Programmer

A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement, however, a master's degree or additional certification with demonstrated work experience in timely delivery of the projects will ensure better job opportunities. Employers generally look out for the candidates who specialize in computer languages, science, math, computer science, information technology etc., depending on the kind of job you are applying for.

Essential Skills for an Associate Programmer

The skills that are required to make a successful associate programmer are as follows:

  1. Thorough technical knowledge of the programming languages and various other operating systems
  2. Excellent communication skills with an eye for detail
  3. Good analyzing ability and ability to resolve complex problems
  4. Should be able to understand complex ideas and conceptualize them to meet the requirements of the system
  5. Should be able to work under pressure and deliver the desired results on the given deadline
  6. Should have an ability to work in a team and exhibit excellent time management and organizational skills

Work Hours of an Associate Programmer

Associate programmer works in a normal office environment with work hours ranging from forty to fifty per week. However, depending on the priority and deadlines outlined for the project the work hours may be extended.

Salary for an Associate Programmer

The salary offered depends mostly on the experience and on the kind of projects that have been handled. It is also dependent on the academic qualifications especially if you are applying for an entry level position.

Career Advancement for Associate Programmer

Though the number of opportunities that exist for an associate programmer are less, once you get the job, the career prospects are really bright. They may be promoted to senior positions and would need to handle additional responsibilities mostly in a supervisory position. He may even be promoted as an analyst. After gaining sufficient experience a programmer can even work as a consultant.

Thus you are now well-acquainted with the associate programmer responsibilities and the essential skills and academic qualifications that are required to make a successful career.

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