Associate Technical Consultant Responsibilities

Technical consulting is considered to be one of the industries that will be projecting highest growth rate. There are ample number of opportunities available in a variety of industries and there is absolutely no dearth of jobs for associate technical consultants. Associate technical consultant responsibilities comprise providing advice that would resolve all the issues encountered to their clients or companies they work for.

Key Responsibilities of an Associate Technical Consultant

Associate technical consultant is usually a professional who is an expert in the relevant subject matter mostly in the field of science. He assists the technical assistant by providing solutions to meet the clients' requirements. It is most commonly found in the engineering work or the software projects where an expert technical advice is provided so as to overcome the technical issues thereby ensuring the smooth flow of work for longer period of time. Here is a detailed description of the key responsibilities that need to be handled by him:

  1. He should meet the clients and understand the requirements
  2. He should work in close contact with the client so as to plan, design and implement the project as per the specifications and within the given time frame
  3. He should ensure that a budget is designed for the project and that there is no variance in the cost
  4. He should develop and implement procedures as per the specifications
  5. He should evaluate, monitor and review the installation to minimize the technical issues and provide immediate resolutions for the same
  6. He should maintain proper documentation and present the reports to the client

He is also involved in configuring and upgrading the systems for ensuring that clients requirements are met. He can also make recommendations to improve the efficiency of the system installed. He must be able to guide and instruct the users on how to deal with the error encountered and resolve it in appropriate time. He is responsible for protecting the network and security of the system and is involved in programming as well. He should be able to troubleshoot the clients' queries.

Essential Skills

To be an excellent associate technical consultant you need to have in-depth knowledge in the relevant area of expertise. He should have strong communication skills as he needs to interpret the information provided by the clients and need to develop relationship with other team members to make the project reach its destination. He should be able to troubleshoot the errors and provide effective solutions. He must be able to train and supervise the team in the absence of seniors. He should have an ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines by delivering quality project on given time. He should have an ability to multi-task.

Educational Requirements

A bachelor's degree from an accredited university in computer science or engineering is essential. Additional certifications may prove to be an asset to make a mark and advance to a senior position. He should have a good exposure and knowledge of diverse range of technologies that are relevant to his area of functioning.

Work Hours and Salary Details

Technical consultants have got a huge demand especially in the information technology domain. With the growing demand the salary offered is quite lucrative and is heavily dependent on the academic qualifications and the relevant experience in that particular field. The work hours fall normally in the range of forty five to fifty hours per week but may get extended depending on the deadline and priority of the project. A technical consultant is a full time job or can be done on a contract basis as well.

Career Advancement

Career advancement opportunities are bright for those who handle the responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

Thus, shouldering the associate technical responsibilities will help you in developing your professional and personal growth. You will realize the importance of this position only when you are fully aware of the role and duties that need to be handled by him.

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