Box Office Associate Responsibilities

Before you enter a sports stadium, theater, concert hall, etc., you usually purchase a ticket from the box office. It is important for you to get the tickets in time and be charged right for the same. To ensure that you get proper service at the right time, these organizations employ a box office associate.

A box office associate is required to handle and process queries and requests of the guests. He has to inform them about the ticket price and show/performance timings, collect amount, issue tickets, tender change amount, update booking records, etc. He also confirms online bookings and handles cancellation or upgrade requests of the visitors. He sends tickets by mail to outstation customers.

The box office associate maintains and shares sales and collection reports with the management. He has to train new recruits in the office. His work also includes marketing and business development by calling or mailing clients about upcoming shows and events and provide special offers on advance bookings.

On a regular day, a box office associate has to be on his toes in order to process the requests in minimum possible time. No matter how hectic it gets, he should display a friendly attitude towards the guests. He should be able to persuade guests to book tickets. In case tickets are not available for a show of their choice, the box office associate should inform them about other shows.

We have elaborated the box office associate responsibilities below.

Booking and Canceling Tickets

The box office associate books the tickets for the patrons as per their requirement. He processes online booking requests and makes arrangements to get the tickets delivered or sends an electronic copy to them.

He cancels the tickets upon the patrons' request and makes necessary entries in the ticketing system.

He prepares a database that includes names and contact details of the patrons, which can be used in future.

Collecting Payments

The box office associate collects payments from the patrons and returns the balance amount. He prepares collection reports and sends it to the box office manager.

Business Development

The box office associate is involved in business development activities as well. He calls and e-mails the patrons to inform about the upcoming shows/events at the venue and also about offers on advance bookings.


The box office associate trains new staff and volunteers regarding various processes and company policies.

Skills of a Box Office Associate

To work as a box office associate is by no means an easy task. However, it becomes easy if a person is:

Becoming a Box Office Associate

Individuals who have completed their education with a high school diploma or GED are eligible to apply for this job. Organizations mostly look out for individuals experienced in customer service or sales environment. However, it is not a constraint at every organization.

Career Scope for a Box Office Associate

With an average annual salary of $47,000 excluding the allowances, incentives, and other benefits, this job is a nice opportunity to further hone your sales and customer service skills and carve a bright future.

After working for a few years, you can move to senior level positions such as a box office manager. However, this is possible only if you display a sense of professional attitude while making the authorities realize your worth as an employee.

The box office responsibilities help you understand what this job is like and what exactly is required to become an eligible candidate for this job.

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