Equity Research Associate Responsibilities

The equity research associate is a person with expert investment skills that helps an organization to evaluate its financial data and understand various performance trends. They generally work under the senior researcher and generally track the level of securities on financial markets. The equity research is also responsible for undertaking research of the current market statuses. They study each and every aspect of various companies and organizations about their financial statuses, projects undertaken, profits earned, and other important aspects.

The equity research associate may work with an organization or can work as a freelancer providing suggestions to the organizations, companies, and investors. They provide necessary client support and guide them before investing money in the market. They also study the company statistics and predict certain possibilities for profits and losses accordingly. The equity research associates are also responsible for collecting data essential for making investments. These people are aware of various policies and documents essential for carrying out investments and carry out transactions according to legal rules and regulations.

The experience of the equity research associates help them to develop skills essential to undertake researches and analyze investment securities by predicting various investment recommendations. The equity research associate is also responsible for developing and maintaining financial models, databases, and market monitoring systems. Maintaining these records of the financial models help them to frequently analyze the company progresses and market statuses. The equity research associates often keep on interacting with people or coordinates to analyze market details.

To become an equity research associate, a candidate must possess essential educational qualifications and skills. Students usually get confused about the necessary qualifications and skills required for equity research associate. Along with this, a candidate must also be aware of different job responsibilities carried out by an equity research associate. The below given information about the educational qualification, skills, job responsibilities, and salary of an executive research associate will help the candidates who are looking to build up a career in this field.

Educational Qualification of an Executive Research Associate

An executive research associate is essential to possess a bachelor's degree in economics, finance, accounting, or any other relevant subject. A candidate with liberal arts background is also eligible for choosing this career. However, such a candidate needs to undergo some practical training before actually performing his tasks. A candidate with master's degree in economics, accounting, or finance is always preferred by certain big organizations and companies. To achieve other higher positions than an executive research associate post, a candidate can even undertake certain certified courses like the certified public accountant or chartered financial analyst.

Key Skills of an Equity Research Associate

The key skills of an equity research associate include expert knowledge about the market ups and downs. The other important skills include:

Job Responsibilities of an Equity Research Associate

The equity research associate is responsible for analyzing the market ups and downs and prepare certain investment plans accordingly. Along with this, the equity research associate is also responsible for following other important duties:

Salary of an Equity Research Associate

The average annual salary of an equity research associate is $73,000. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salary of an equity research associate lies in the range of $63,000 to $83,000. This range, however, may vary according to the organization, experience, and educational qualification of the equity research associate. Apart from salary, the equity research associate may even receive incentives on the profits gained for the company or client.

Career Development

The career development chances of an equity research associate generally depends upon his or her investment skills, length of service, performance, and seniority. Various professional credentials would be effective career boosters for a proper career development. Gaining a doctorate degree in economics, finance or statistics would raise the chances of an equity research associate for getting quick promotion to the higher levels.

The equity research associate responsibilities mentioned above provide a detailed information about the equity associate job profile. The career development, educational qualifications, and skills sections mentioned above will guide you in planning your career in this field.

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