Executive Associate Responsibilities

An executive associate is one of the vital parts of the proper working of the organization. He has to take care of a number of things in the organization, so that the working of the company can take place smoothly. He often works as a link between the superiors and the subordinates of the organization. Maintaining records of the employees, taking calls, and forwarding them from time to time are some of the major responsibilities of an executive associate. They are considered as very important part of the organization, as they are solely responsible for the tracks of the finances as well as the people who work in the company. The executive associate reports to the manager of the company and the associate reports to the executive associate. He follows all the rules and regulations of the company, so that he faces no hardships in the path of success.

He should be a good communicator, so that he can communicate well with people over the phone. He is usually the link between the various people working in the company. The executive associate should work with full dedication and work hard, as his work decides a lot of things in the organization. They do everything from fax papers to type mails to different clients and organizations from time to time. They have to keep a track of the work their competitors are doing, so that the work of the organization can be improved and the profit percentage can be increased. A lot of things depend upon him that determine the profits or losses of the organization.

Skills of an Executive Associate

The person should be highly skilled in order to perform the duties of the executive associate. Skills should be well developed in the person in order to work perfectly and carry all the responsibilities that he is required to perform. Some of the skills of the executive associate are given below:

Educational Requirements

A candidate applying for the executive associate job profile must be well educated and possess ample experience to hold this post effectively. To obtain this post, a candidate must possess a bachelor's degree in arts with a minimum experience of three years in this field. Many organizations generally prefer candidates with master's degree in arts for the position of executive associate.

Career Scope

A person should be exceptionally good in his work in order to gain a hike in the post as well as the salary. This is a respectable post and a lot of dedication and hard work are required in order to do the things with perfection. He can get a promotion to the post of senior executive associate, only if he knows all the basics and necessities of the post. An executive associate can also try in other organizations for the same post or something higher, only if he possesses all the qualities that the employers are looking for. A lot can be achieved in this job as it is a tough, yet highly rewarding job.


The average annual salary of an executive associate usually lies in the range of $48,000 to $62,000. However, this salary may vary according to the industry, candidate's qualification, and experience. The executive associate also receives incentives based upon their work progress and other aspects.

The above mentioned information about the executive associate responsibilities will help you understand all the responsibilities undertaken by an executive associate. This information will definitely guide you in planning your career in this field.

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