Faculty Associate Responsibilities

In a modern day institute where a large number of students enroll for different courses, the role of a faculty associate comes into existence. The job responsibilities of a faculty associate are to provide requisite assistance to the educational staff in the pursuit of imparting knowledge and skills to the students. This process further allows the students to explore the fields of knowledge and its practical application in today's world; a skill that will not just help them to survive and earn livelihood, but also to grow on a personal and professional level.

As a faculty associate, a person is required to indulge in the process of instructing and training students in an institute. Learning is further divided into several subprocesses, and the faculty associate is equally involved in some or all of these processes. For example, he may monitor the behavior and participation level of students in the learning activities or assess their test papers and grade them according to their performances.

A faculty associate is involved in the core learning process as well. He delivers lectures and presentations in classrooms and seminars respectively. In some institutes, he is asked to conduct workshops. He conducts self led researches and/or assists other staff in their researches. He publishes research papers and edits the data compiled by the students for research.

Another important responsibility assigned to a faculty associate is to serve the faculty panel, coordinate with external agencies, or administer a specific program in a department.

Given below are some of the most important job responsibilities of a faculty associate in a modern day educational institute.

Curriculum Structuring and Development

A faculty associate is asked to provide a structure for the course and develop course content for a specific subject. He assists in the revision of existing modules for the courses and implements the changes. For example, a faculty associate teaching a subject in digital security may have to upgrade the course content by adding information related to the technological advancements in this area.

Student Assessment

The faculty associate is required to assess the performance of the students. He may have to monitor their behavior in the classroom, and their level of participation in all learning activities in the institute premises. He also grades the students based on their performance in the examination.

Delivering Lectures and Presentations

A faculty associate delivers lectures for a specific subject. He also prepares and delivers presentations during educational seminars.

Conducting or Assisting in Research Projects

A faculty associate conducts self led research projects. Additionally, he assists other professors and students who conduct research projects. He has to verify and edit the information compiled by the students and help them in publishing the research findings.

Assisting in Other Organizational Activities

Other than the above mentioned responsibilities, the job of a faculty associate consists of various other tasks. He is required to assist in the administrative tasks. He also acts as a point of contact between the students and the administration.

Skills of a Faculty Associate

To be an idle match for the job of a faculty associate, a person should be:

Becoming a Faculty Associate

To become eligible for the position of faculty associate, you need to complete your education with at least a master's or a doctorate degree in the subject of your choice. You have to work for a few years as a research or teaching assistant to meet the requirements of this position.

Career Scope for a Faculty Associate

Average annual salary for a faculty associate is around $48,000. A variation in the salary is not uncommon. This variation happens due to the difference in the job location and requirements, apart from an applicants' overall qualifications.

Faculty associate responsibilities describe the versatile nature of this profession and how an individual can prepare for this job.

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