Gold Associate Responsibilities

The gold associate responsibilities include helping the customers with buying gold and jewelleries from his store and displaying the same to them. He replies to the queries of the clients and shares his knowledge about the gold jewelery with them. He places the gold items back to their places as soon as it is decided that the client is not buying that particular item. Informing the client about the quality of these items and their durability is something that every gold associate does.

He also weighs the gold and places their actual worth against the weight of the same. He even tells the clients about the cost programs, the returning plans, rules and regulations and other services that are available and offered with those particular gold items. A gold associate's main responsibility lies in satisfying the customers and answering any doubts the same may be having.

He has the following key responsibilities:

Qualifications and Skills Required

There is no need to acquire a particular degree or course to become a gold associate. A gold associate needs to have expertise over activities like gold shaping, mending and sanitizing. He could learn all these skills from the particular store that would hire him. There are certain programs and courses offered by colleges and universities where the candidates are taught the required skills. He needs to be observant and pay attention to what is being done by him. He should have also good customer service, communication and helping skills. These skills would really help him to become an expert gold associate.

Working Conditions

A gold associate works in a store that has various sections, some of them pertaining to repairs and the others pertaining to giving them proper shape and design. Some of the sections are dingy and filled with an unpleasant aroma. Most of the sections generate a lot of noise pollution, as many equipments are used in order to execute the technical operations. The working hours and holidays vary from one store to another, depending on its owner.


A gold associate earns a median salary of around USD 60, 000 to USD 70, 000 per year.

Thus, the gold associate responsibilities include showing the gold items to the clients and handling equipment to mend, sanitize and shape the items.

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