Graduate Associate Responsibilities

All graduate students enrolled in the university, who are employed to assist any member of the staff in their administrative, research or teaching duties, are known as Graduate Associates (GAs). Graduate associates are considered to be members of the staff. They are students studying for a Master's or Doctorate degree and take on the additional graduate associate responsibilities during their studies. Graduate associates are of three main types -

  1. Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA)

    A majority of the graduate associates are graduate teaching assistants. GTAs assist a professor in his/her teaching duties by leading student discussions, grading papers, conducting the laboratory part of the class, etc. GTAs are often the only instructor for a particular course.

  2. Graduate Research Assistant (GRA)

    A research assistant has entirely research related responsibilities. He/she may assist in the laboratory or help the professor in his/her research by performing activities like conducting experiments, researching in the library, doing computer analysis, fieldwork, scientific investigations, writing or editing material, etc. A GRA may also have to undertake teaching activities such as grading papers or teaching the lab part of the class.

  3. Graduate Administrative Assistant (GAA)

    A graduate administrative assistant assists the administrative staff and performs clerical tasks. He/she assists with the registration, departmental exhibitions, any special projects, etc. A GAA may also have to attend seminars, hold conferences, collect and interpret the different types of administrative data, do research, etc.

Key Graduate Associate Responsibilities

Essential Skills and Abilities

Educational Background

Salary Details

Career Prospects

The growth prospects in this field are not much since you can be a graduate associate only till you complete your graduation. However, this experience will help you tremendously not only in your professional life, but also in your personal life. Students who were graduate associates report that it was one of the most rewarding experiences of their college life.

Graduate associates have to juggle their graduate associate responsibilities with academic commitments, but are all the more better for it.

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