Inventory Associate Job Description

It is very crucial that the inventories are balanced well, as most of the business organizations rely heavily on their stocked items to make huge profits. The inventory associate responsibilities are thus very crucial in ensuring that the corporate organizations do maximum business.

This professional is responsible for keeping the inventory records accurate and carrying out every little duty that includes data entry, monitoring and managing the shipments, coordinating with the vendors, maintaining records, etc.

He/she is responsible for reconciling and preparing various projects and getting involved in the related presentations as well. He/she is responsible for understanding the requirements of the customers and delivering appropriate solutions for the same.

Thus, the role of the inventory associate is very crucial for earning maximum revenue for the organization.

Key Responsibilities of Inventory Associate

The inventory associate is responsible for monitoring the shipment, production, and ensuring that the data remains maintained and updated in the system. He/she assists in the preparation of all the inventory related reports, answers all the routine queries and provides the much needed support for the operations, logistics, accounting, and quality departments.

He/she reviews all the shipment documents and verifies the details to make sure that they are complete and accurate. He/she reviews the shipment transactions and ensures that the receipts are posted in a timely manner. He/she is accountable for reconciliation activities so that the inventory records are validated and are actively involved in the resolution of issues.

To get a more clear idea, outlined below are some of the key responsibilities that need to be handled by this professional:

  1. To take daily inventory of the assigned supply, requisitions, and to restock supplies to par levels
  2. To rotate the stock and ensure that the stored area is clean and maintained up to date in accordance with the regulatory requirements
  3. To monitor the usage of the stock, create reports related to utilization, and coordinate with the other departments and recommend changes in inventory
  4. To be the key person responsible for cycle counts as well as the physical inventories
  5. To conduct a keen research and resolve all the inaccuracies in inventory and complete audits of the internal processes
  6. To handle all the activities related to data entry, scheduling, customer service, etc., and perform all the other related duties as well

In addition to the above responsibilities,

Essential Skills and Abilities

The individual who wishes to enter in the field of inventory management should be self motivated and should be able to work independently as well as a team member. He/she should be able to exercise judgment and should have the capability to take sound decisions even under stressful conditions. He/she should be able to communicate with all levels of management and should be flexible and willing to accept changes. He/she should possess good organizational and multi tasking skills and should be proficient in handling computers. He/she should possess accurate data entry skills with good keyboarding skills. He/she should be able to demonstrate effective customer service skills with good mathematical skills.

Educational Background

A high school diploma is the minimum educational requirement. Those with higher qualifications with some experience in a similar role would have an edge over the other applicants.

Work Environment and Schedule

This professional needs to work in a fast paced work environment. He/she must be ready to work longer than the normal working days that may include working on some nights as well as the weekends. Thus, he/she may have a varied work schedule that includes working at unusual hours.

Salary Details

The salary is dependent on the geographical location, type of industry and its size. The average package offered is $28,000 and it varies according to a person's skills, experience and education.

Career Prospects

The individuals who have had a successful track record and have demonstrated their abilities will surely rise to the higher managerial positions. Those who have completed post graduation or have done some additional training or certification would definitely move up fast than the rest of the candidates.

Thus, if you want to ensure a lucrative career ahead, the inventory associate responsibilities must be handled efficiently and effectively.

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