Air Traffic Controller Responsibilities

Every job in the aviation industry is unique and challenging. The main objective of every employee working in the aviation sector is to ensure safety of the flights. In this pursuit of safety, the aviation traffic controller plays a significant role.

The sky may look like an open space where the aircrafts can move freely, but the real situation is a bit different. The aircrafts have to follow a specific route to reach the destination on time. Just like a cop controls the traffic in the city streets, the aviation traffic controller controls the movement of aircrafts in the airspace.

An aviation traffic controller sits in the control tower or in the terminal radar approach control room. He directs the pilots and sees that the planes take-off, arrive and depart safely from the runway. During these tasks, the aviation traffic controller has to keep an eye on the runway and other movements near the airport. He also monitors the weather conditions and informs the pilots en route about the same. He coordinates with the traffic controllers in other areas to stay updated with the aircraft movements and accordingly guide the incoming and outgoing flights.

An aviation traffic controller has to compile and maintain various records of flight movements, traffic statistics, weather reports, etc. In an event when the weather conditions are not suitable for arrival of the aircraft, the aviation traffic controller has to direct the pilot to another route for emergency landing.

Skills of an Aviation Traffic Controller

As an aviation traffic controller, an individual needs to be:

Becoming an Air Traffic Controller

There are different criteria for inexperienced and experienced who would like to work as an air traffic controller. If you are inexperienced, then you need to:

You can also opt for an Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative Program, a two/four year degree that will help you learn the concepts of this profession.

If you have a prior experience of working as an air traffic controller for the military or have retired as a military traffic controller, then you are eligible to apply for this job. However, you need to fulfill the following criteria:

Veterans who are disabled, have worked for three years or less, served during a war, or have obtained a medal for their services can apply for this position.

Career Scope for Air Traffic Controller

Salary for an air traffic controller varies largely depending on the candidates experience, employer and the area of work. While in training, you can expect to earn around $60,000 to $80,00 on an average, and thereafter you can earn as much as $1,30,000 annually.

There is no dearth of vacancies for this position due to an ever increasing number of airbases and flights.

As you have read about the air traffic controller responsibilities, we expect that you now have a clear understanding about this job and the career prospects it has to offer.

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