Aircraft Dispatcher Responsibilities

Basically, dispatcher is a person who receives and transmits information in order to facilitate smooth movements of vehicles. Following this definition, an aircraft dispatcher can be identified as an individual who coordinates the movement of an aircraft from the source to destination. During this period, an aircraft dispatcher has to perform various responsibilities and support the pilot in every possible way to ensure safety of the aircraft and passengers.

When a flight is scheduled, an aircraft dispatcher inspects the aircraft with the pilot to find out any faults in the systems, electric connections or other parts of the aircraft. He decides if the aircraft is ready to fly or not. Depending on the findings, he can delay, divert, or even cancel the flight if it is not found safe for takeoff. He checks the cargo and the balance of the aircraft. He presents reports about the repairing and other requirements such as of fuel to the maintenance engineers and other personnel.

The aircraft dispatcher also goes through the weather forecasts and monitors changes in the weather before and during the flight. He informs the pilot about the weather to decide if it is safe to follow the scheduled route or divert the aircraft to another location. He is in-charge of communicating with the air traffic controllers and other ground staff and informing them about the current location and expected arrival time of the flight.

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Inspection and Reporting

The aircraft dispatcher inspects the aircraft from the basic appearance of the aircraft to the electric connection, gauges and other systems. He provides the reports regarding the functioning of the aircraft and any faults in any part of the aircraft to the maintenance engineers.


The aircraft dispatcher provides clearance for the takeoff after he is assured of the functioning of the aircraft.

Monitoring Weather and Route

The aircraft dispatcher continuously monitors the weather and follows the weather forecasts issued by the meteorological department. He has to inform the pilot about any expected changes in the weather and alternate routes if the schedules route is not safe for the flight ahead.

Communicating with Ground Staff

The aircraft dispatcher communicates with the ground staff at the airport and informs them about the current status of the flight and the expected arrival time. He has to follow the instructions of the air traffic controller and pass it on to the pilot if the flight has to be diverted or delayed.

Skills of an Aircraft Dispatcher

Being in the aviation industry, you need to possess a wide range of skills and knowledge in order to perform efficiently. Ideally, an aircraft dispatcher should be:

Becoming an Aircraft Dispatcher

You can opt for a certificate course offered by the Federal Aviation Administration only after you have worked for at least a year under the supervision of certified dispatcher. Even after you get a job, you need to continue learning to stay abreast with the latest equipments and revised safety regulations.

Career Scope for Aircraft Dispatcher

An aircraft dispatcher can earn anywhere between $32,000-$55,000 annually. These figures are not inclusive of the additional benefits such as employee insurance, performance incentives, etc.

Being familiar with the aircraft dispatcher responsibilities will help you to prepare for this job and appear for interviews confidently.

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