Aircraft Maintenance Manager Responsibilities

Every aircraft needs rigorous maintenance so the passengers are able to enjoy a safe flight. The job of an aircraft maintenance manager and his responsibilities are to keep the aircrafts in excellent condition so that the pilots and passengers do not face any problem.

An aircraft maintenance engineer handles a team of technicians who perform the repair and maintenance of various parts of an aircraft. Despite being assisted by the team, the aircraft maintenance manager always inspects the functioning of various parts himself. He has to ensure safety of the technicians involved in the maintenance and manage any contingencies occurring during the maintenance.

An aircraft needs to be checked at regular intervals. The aircraft maintenance manager schedules maintenance of different aircrafts and emergency repairs if the aircraft faces an accident, part or system failure. Performing the maintenance can be a time consuming process and the maintenance manager should be able to execute this process and deliver the aircraft in time so that the flight schedules are not affected.

The aircraft maintenance manager is required to collect the details of repair and maintenance work done on the aircraft. He prepares and submits these reports to the aviation authorities and to the investigation authorities in case of an accident.

The aircraft maintenance manager responsibilities are provided below for further reference.

Scheduling Maintenance and Repair

The aircraft maintenance manager schedules the maintenance and servicing of aircrafts. He has to assign shifts to the technicians accordingly. In case of an emergency or an accident, he has to revise the schedule to repair the damaged aircraft so that the flight schedules are not affected.

Supervising Technicians

The aircraft maintenance manager supervises the technicians and repairing staff. He has to check whether all the safety regulations are being followed during the maintenance process and the staff are wearing the safety gear.

Recruitment and Training

The aircraft maintenance manager has to identify, recruit and train competent candidates for the aircraft maintenance department. He also needs to train current employees and introduce new procedures and techniques used in aircraft maintenance.

Cost Cutting

Although the maintenance and repair of aircrafts can be costly, the aircraft maintenance manager is expected to provide cost effective solutions and curtail unnecessary expenses.

Quality Assurance

The aircraft maintenance manager is in-charge of testing the various parts and systems to check if they meet the quality standards.


The aircraft maintenance manager has to collect information regarding the repair and maintenance done for different aircrafts. He has to compile the expenses and total time consumed for the maintenance process. This is important to analyze the current work procedure and devise new methods that will be helpful in reducing cost and expenses.

Skills of an Aircraft Maintenance Manager

As an aircraft maintenance manager, a person is required to be:

Becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

An individual with a minimum of bachelor's degree in aeronautical engineering or a closely related steam of engineering is eligible for this position. Previous experience is also mandatory for this position.

Career Scope for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Annual salary for this job ranges from $70,000 to $90,000 depending on the employer, job location, responsibilities assigned and the individuals overall competency.

Responsibilities of an aircraft maintenance manager are highly diverse and each responsibility needs to be executed perfectly.

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