Aircraft Systems Engineer Responsibilities

The quintessential requirement for the construction of aircrafts is the aircraft systems engineering. The application of engineering concepts and processes helps the constructors to develop and present safe and efficient aircrafts. One important person involved in this process is the aircraft systems engineer. Responsibilities of an aircraft systems engineer are diverse owing to the various phases of aircraft systems development.

An aircraft is made of various parts. These parts can be as small as a screw or as large as a propeller. There are electrical parts and mechanical systems that are controlled by the electronic systems. The aircraft systems engineer has to present concepts of aircraft design and the detailed specifications for the overall structure of the aircraft. While safety and operation are the primary concerns of aircraft systems engineering, the application of aesthetics is also required to give the aircraft an appealing look. This function is also handled by the aircraft systems engineer.

The aircraft systems engineers checks the quality, weight and reliability of the materials used in the aircraft construction. Once the aircraft is constructed, he again tests the various systems and parts and presents reports on the performance of the aircraft for evaluation and certification by the project manager.

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Designing Structure and Specifications

The aircraft systems engineer designs the external and internal structure of an aircraft. He provides specifications for the systems, equipments, controls, gauges, etc. While developing the structure and appearance, the systems engineer has to see that the size of the aircraft is feasible for construction and operation.

Testing Materials

The aircraft systems engineer tests the materials used for the construction of aircraft, controls, systems, switches, etc., that need to be installed in the aircraft. This is a very critical process wherein the systems engineer is required to put his knowledge and expertise into practice. The overall safety and functioning of the aircraft is based on the construction material and the systems engineer should be able to identify and recommend high quality and durable materials.


Once an aircraft is constructed, the systems engineer conducts tests of all the parts and aircraft operation. He has to identify faulty equipments or controls and suggest improvements to avoid any incident of failure or crashes.

Provide Repair and Maintenance Guidelines

The aircraft systems engineer has to provide the repair and maintenance guidelines to the aviation technicians and repair persons. He may do so either by circulating user manuals or delivering presentations.

Skills of an Aircraft Systems Engineer

As an aircraft systems engineer, a person should:

Becoming an Aircraft Systems Engineer

While some organizations will employ individuals with a few years of experience in aerospace or mechanical engineering and a bachelor's degree in the same; other organizations might only entertain individuals with a minimum of master's degree and many years of experience.

Career Scope for Aircraft Systems Engineer

Annual salary for an aircraft systems engineer ranges from $70,000 to $1,10,000. Every employer offers a wide range of additional benefits, amount for which varies from employer to employer.

The aircraft systems engineer responsibilities provided by us include the most common duties you will be asked to perform in this position.

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