Airport Manager Responsibilities

Airports in the present day are considered as one of the busiest hubs. There are several flights arriving and departing from the airport and hundreds of thousands of passengers using the airport services on a routine basis. To manage this hustle and bustle, an airport manager is recruited to administer the services and activities of the airport.

Airport, physically, is a very large unit in itself. There are various employees who work in different departments. The airport manager is required to keep a track of all the employees and their activities. He has to look after the scheduling of flights and other operations of the airport and ensure that these operations are executed in compliance with the standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The airport manager is engaged in the recruitment and performance evaluation of all the employees. His duties also include reporting of the airport activities, revenues and overall performance to the aviation committees and discuss plans for expansion of airport services and operations.

There are instances when the passengers may face inconvenience due to a delay or cancelation of flights. The airport manager has to interact with the irate passengers and resolve their queries and provide them alternate options. He has to handle any emergency situations at the airport. During a flight crash or accident, he has to communicate with the media and inform them about the exact situation to avoid any rumors.

Know more about the airport manager responsibilities by reading the various functions of this job provided below.

Customer Service Management

Customer service is the most important function for an airport. The airport manager has to supervise customer service operations and staff and resolve any issues that may delay customer service delivery. Whether it is due to a technical issue or an incompetent staff, the airport manager has to act promptly in order to avoid any inconvenience to the customers.

Recruitment and Evaluation

The airport manager participates in the recruitment activities. He has to go through the credentials and background reports and verify the same. He has to continuously monitor the performance of all staff and decide whether they can be promoted or need further training to perform better in the current position.

Financial Planning

The airport manager prepares budget with the finance department and allots requisite funds for every department. He also monitors the revenues of the airport and suggests methods to increase revenues by expanding the operations or cutting down on operational costs.

Communication and Media Relations

Handling communication with the aviation committee and media relations is also a part of the airport manager responsibilities. He presents the performance and revenue reports to the aviation committee and discusses the possible improvements for growth.

In the event of an accident, a plane crash, hijack or any other incident, the airport manager has to communicate with the media and the passengers at the airport.

Skills of an Airport Manager

With so many responsibilities on his head, an airport manager is expected to be an excellent leader who is able to guide the staff and ensure smooth delivery of services. He should be well versed with the safety standards and the drills performed during emergency situations.

Becoming an Airport Manager

The minimum educational qualification for this job is a bachelor's degree in business management or a similar course. Previous experience of working in a similar position or as an associate or assistant manager is also necessary.

Career Scope for an Airport Manager

As an airport manager, an individual can easily earn anywhere from $77,000 to $90,000 as the base salary. Additional allowances include bonuses, paid leaves, 401k insurance, etc. The amount for these allowances may differ depending on the location.

All the airport manager responsibilities contribute equally in the management of airport operations.

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