Avionics Engineer Responsibilities

Aircraft is one of the most mesmerizing and extremely useful invention in the history of mankind. This brilliant invention has enabled the humans to fulfill the fantasy of flying and going beyond the spatial limits. This brings forth the avionics engineers who are continuously involved in research and development to facilitate faster, smoother and comfortable journey for the passengers.

An aviation engineer works for the design, development and production of avionics systems. After all the parts are manufactured, he participates in the testing to report the functioning of all the parts and identify any problems arising with any part. He has to work with the team and find out solutions to avoid the problems. This is primarily important primarily for the safety of the aircraft and also to help the manufacturing organization to avoid mass production of faulty products.

An avionics engineer is an active participant in the repair and maintenance of the aircrafts currently being used by the airline company. He communicates with the pilots to find out any problems with the parts or systems in an aircraft and repair or replace to same. Another important duty of an avionics engineer is to prepare and maintain reports of the maintenance activities and schedule maintenance for different aircrafts owned by an airline company.

Avionics engineer responsibilities have been described under various headings as it will help you to have a clear understanding about the requirements of this job.

Research and Development

An avionics engineer participates in the research and development process to identify and implement the most innovative, economic and useful techniques for the manufacturing of avionics systems.

Testing and Installation

The avionics engineer performs the testing of all the parts and systems after they are manufactured. He works with other engineers to identify and remove any faults from the parts and report the results to the project manager and manufacturing organization.

Scheduling Aircraft Maintenance

An avionics engineer prepares inspection and maintenance schedule for various aircrafts. He has to go through the flight schedule of the aircrafts and accordingly prepare the maintenance schedule. He circulates this schedule to the fellow engineers and technicians.

Repairing and Replacing Faulty Parts

An avionics engineer repairs or replaces the faulty parts and systems in an aircraft. He communicates and discusses the possible reasons of fault and analyzes how to avoid it in future.


The avionics engineer prepares detailed reports of all the processes including testing, maintenance, repair and other tasks to the authorities.


An avionics engineer prepares training modules and conducts training sessions for new staff in the engineering department.

Skills of an Avionics Engineer

It is mandatory for an avionics engineer to be:

Becoming an Avionics Engineer

A bachelor's or master' degree in aeronautical engineering, mechanical engineering or a closely related course is mandatory for this job. Individuals choosing this profession are also required to appear for training held by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and obtain a certificate before applying for this job.

Career Scope for an Avionics Engineer

Average salary for an avionics engineer is $98,000. Apart from the salary, an avionics engineer is entitled to receive allowances and other benefits, amount for which differs with each organization.

The avionics engineer responsibilities described above highlight all the areas where you would be active while working in this profession.

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