Fleet Manager Job Description

Fleet management is basically concerned with the effective management and organization of transportation activities. To ensure that these activities are carried out appropriately, the fleet manager responsibilities must be executed effectively.

These responsibilities mostly comprise duties related to arranging the finances for vehicles, tracking and maintenance of vehicles, management of drivers, and is equally involved in speed, fuel, and safety management.

Thus, they help in improving the efficiency and managing the quality by identifying factors that can reduce the staff and transportation cost for the organization.

Key Responsibilities of a Fleet Manager

He/she may be required to perform any other related duties and tasks.

Essential Skills

If you want to be the best fleet manager, make sure you have a combination of at least some of the following mentioned skills:

Educational Background

The minimum educational criteria required to make an entry as a fleet manager is to have a bachelor's degree in technical field, science and marketing. A master's degree will be advantageous.

Work Hours

The daily work schedule of a fleet manager requires him/her to work for thirty five to forty five hours per week. Occasionally, he/she may be required to work overtime, in case there is workload.

Salary Details

The entry level fleet managers can earn a salary in the range of $24,000 to $33,000. Those with experience can earn a salary in the range of $140,000 to $155,000. It, however, will differ depending on the type and size of the organization, its location, skills, and educational background.

Career Prospects

Experienced fleet managers can be promoted to senior level positions and can become transportation directors, vice presidents or managers of larger fleets. Thus, the career prospects are really bright for those aspiring to stabilize in this career.

Thus, before you make an entry in this field, make sure you will be able to handle the fleet manager responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

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