Banking Business Analyst Job Description

The banking analysts are responsible for planning investment strategies for various companies and investment firms. They generally undertake various researches of the current market and prepare reports to help the companies and organizations make good investment decisions. They also guide the companies for taking various investment decisions by studying the company's annual reports. The business analyst has good knowledge of different fields like retail, finance, and market which helps them to predict various investment plans. The banking business analyst generally works in commercial banking sectors and help the companies to expand and maintain their business by providing financial services and intelligent investment plans.

Duties and Responsibilities of Banking Business Analyst

A business banker is responsible to meet various representatives of business and guide them with different investment schemes. The banking analyst is also responsible for answering the questions by the business representative and analyze the credit worthiness and financial conditions of their firms. The business banker also verifies the financial statements and sees to it that the loan is approved. Following are some of the other common job responsibilities of a banking business analyst:

A banking business analyst job is one of the most responsible jobs, as it contains direct investment by the companies. To start a career as a banking business analyst, one must possess certain educational qualifications and skills. Following is a detailed information about the required qualification and skills for a banking business analyst job.

Educational Qualification

As the banking business analyst deals with the banking transactions and investment plans, he must be qualified with a bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, banking, economics, or business. A master's degree in the above fields is highly considered for this job. The job also needs basic computer proficiency to prepare reports, documentations, and presentations.


The banking business analyst needs to interact with people all the time. Thus, he or she must posses various skills to carry out their job efficiently. Following are some of the most required skills for a banking business analyst job:

Career Possibilities

The banking business analyst has a very good career opportunity and can work with different job profiles such as deputy manger, relationship manager, accounts executive, sales manager, senior executive for internal audit, AVP business planner and analyst, financial planning manager, business analyst, financial advisor, collection head client, agency development manager, financial controller, etc. The banking business analyst has very bright career opportunities and is the best career option to be selected.


Salary is no big concern for banking business analysts. According to various surveys, the average annual salary for banking business analyst ranges from $55,000 to $105,000 per year. The banking business analyst is also benefited with the profit sharing bonus. Many a times, the analysts are paid on an hourly basis and range from $15 to $55 per hour. The above salary figures may vary depending upon the employer, geographic location, and the experience of the analyst in the field of business banking.

The working environment of a banking business analyst is comfortable with a forty hours of work per week. The banking analysts may also choose to work part time. The above information about banking business analyst will help you to get ample knowledge about various responsibilities in this field.

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