Buyer Job Description

Now this job can be really interesting and fun, especially if you enjoy shopping. Though, let not the fun part take away the seriousness of this profession. Being a buyer is hard work, but if one can make a good name for themselves, then the opportunities are endless.

The buyers work for retail stores and have to buy all the materials on behalf of them. This is just a small overview of their work; actually, if we see in detail about the buyer job description, they have to buy all the materials like clothes, shoes, accessories, mannequins etc. They have to get the best prices from the manufacturers and wholesalers.

Buyers are given a fixed budget to work with, and in that budget, they have to manage to purchase all the required things for the retail store. The buyer is also responsible for getting all the goods delivered to the store in time. If there is any delay, the buyer has to get in touch with the wholesaler and make sure the goods arrive, because many times there are customers waiting for clothes for which they even place orders with the retail store.

The buyers also have to buy from different people and not the same, because there could be someone out there selling the same product at a more reasonable price. Hence, they have to be on the constant look-out for better deals. They can also negotiate with the current suppliers and get a discount on the bulk orders.

Anticipation is another quality they should possess. They have to anticipate the demand for clothes and buy them in advance. These are still just a few of their duties, to know them in detail read the buyer job description given below

Duties and Responsibilities of a Buyer

Education Required for the Post of Buyer

Career Advancement

Buyers get promoted to the post of merchandise buyers and from there they can move into top level management, some even have their own stores.

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