Cartoonist Job Description

Who wouldn't like a job drawing cartoons for a living? Guess what, there are such jobs available, where you can draw cartoons all day long. However, this job is not all fun and games as one would imagine, it involves a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed as an artist. To know more about his fun profession, read the cartoonist job description. There are many places where a cartoonist can find work. Comic strips, animation studios, media offices, or they can even have their own galleries to display their art work. The sky is the limit when it comes for them to display their talent. Drawing is a skill that is not possessed by many; hence, good cartoonists can find jobs easily.

The cartoonist can use anything for their art work; pens, pencils, colors etc. If a cartoonist is hired by a newspaper their main job would be to make illustrations for the newspaper, or they can even have their own comic strip, but they need to have a good sense of humor for it. They have to draw caricatures that resemble real life people to make political jokes and statements.

Studios hire cartoonists to make animation films or television series. Here, they are known as animators and have to make art work on computers. With the help of the latest software, the cartoonist can make the cartoons move, but it involves a lot technical study and there are special degrees and courses for such work.

Cartoonists need to have a strong portfolio of their best artwork. They can even get it copyrighted. Many cartoonists work on freelance basis and get paid according to each project. The main skills they should have is of drawing and by learning additional skills and computer software, they can increase their own value. Go through the cartoonist job description we have given below in detail.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Cartoonist

Education Required for a Cartoonist

Career Advancement

Experienced cartoonists branch out on their own and work on freelance basis. They charge whatever fee they fell is necessary and usually manage to get a good amount for their services.

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