Adjustment Clerk Responsibilities

The job of an adjustment clerk is similar to a person working in the customer service and retention department. The title adjustment clerk is given solely for the reason that these individuals provide adjustment in lieu of advice. This adjustment can be in the form of replacement of goods, upgrade in services, reconciliation in product/service charges, or any other measures taken by an organization.

An adjustment clerk interacts with the clients who have a problems with a product or service. Whatever the problem may be, it is very necessary to resolve customer grievances to retain them. These grievances range from excessive charges on credit card to a defective appliance. The adjustment clerk discusses these grievances with the sales staff, dealer or agent to find whether the complains made by the clients are genuine. After verifying the nature and cause of complain, the adjustment clerk finds out a solution to resolve the complaint.

An adjustment clerk is required to make the necessary changes in the records of the company after the adjustments are made. Sometimes, the complains are made to the agents or sellers rather than to the adjustment clerk. The adjustment clerk must keep a track of all the complaints lodged with the agents/sellers to avoid customers discontent.

Read the adjustment clerk responsibilities given below to learn about this job in detail.

Review Claims and Complains

The adjustment clerk reviews the claims and complains filed by the clients. He goes through the documents such as bills or statements and the product or service opted by the client. This is necessary to avoid any incidents of bogus claims and subsequent losses to the company.

Test Products

In case there is a complain of faulty or damaged product, the adjustment clerk is required to find the faults by testing the product and checking the damage.

Identify Nature of Claim/Complaint

Once the complaint or the claim is authenticated, the adjustment clerk has to identify the nature of the complain/claim. Accordingly, he makes an entry into the database and generates a reference number and informs the claimant about the approximate time required for resolving the complain.

Identify Root Cause of Complain

It is mandatory for an adjustment clerk to identify the root cause of the complaint. This helps in eliminating or reducing future occurrence of similar complaints by making necessary improvements in product/service development and delivery process.

Calculate Refunds or Payments

In cases where the client has been charged more than the billed amount, the adjustment clerk calculates the refunds and makes provisions for the same. This can be done either by paying the client in cash or adjusting the amount in the next bill. Similarly, the adjustment clerk also calculates the amount payable for an insurance claim as per the policy.

Skills of an Adjustment Clerk

An individual must possess following skills to become an efficient adjustment clerk:

Becoming an Adjustment Clerk

An individual with a high school diploma and proficiency in office applications can apply for this position. Training can be provided on the job itself, yet prior experience can help you to learn how to work in a professional environment.

Career Scope for Adjustment Clerk

An adjustment clerk is entitled to an annual compensation ranging from $30,000 to $50,000. Working in this position helps you to learn administrative and customer service skills.

Adjustment clerk responsibilities play a major role in keeping the customer content with the services of the organization.

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