Admissions Clerk Responsibilities

Admissions clerk is an individual who works in healthcare and educational institutes. The functioning of both these institutes is largely dependent on the number of admissions. The admissions clerk takes the charge here by helping out the visitors and guiding them into the facility. He provides all the necessary information related to the facility and about the admission process as well.

It is worth noticing that despite being in a clerical position, an admission clerk is given considerable importance. This is because he is the face of the facility/institute.

In a healthcare facility, an admission clerk greets the visitors and records their name and purpose of visit either in a visitor book or a database. He answers the queries of the visitor and provides necessary information regarding the services available in the facility. He schedules appointments of the patients with the doctor and prepare records of admissions. He also collects the payments from the patients and provides discharge papers and receipts of payments.

In an educational institute, the admission clerk performs similar functions of the admission clerk in a healthcare facility. He communicates with the visitors and provides them information regarding the programs available in the institute. He also explains the admission procedure and criteria for all the courses. Occasionally, he may have to interview the prospective students.

Admission Clerk Responsibilities for Healthcare Facility

Admissions clerk in a healthcare facility is responsible for handling the following activities on a daily basis:

Admissions Clerk Responsibilities in an Educational Institute

An admissions clerk in an educational institute is responsible for handling the following tasks:

Skills of an Admissions Clerk

Additionally, the admission clerk should be able to work under stringent deadlines without losing confidence.

Becoming an Admissions Clerk

There are no specific educational requirements for this job. Some organizations may prefer individuals with a high school diploma and no work experience, while others may prefer individuals with at least a bachelor's degree and prior experience of working in a clerical position.

Career Scope for an Admissions Clerk

Average hourly wages for an admission clerk can be anywhere between $11-$17. Additional benefits such as bonuses, travel allowances, insurance, etc., differ with organizations.

The description given above defines the admission clerk responsibilities for both types of organizations that offer this position.

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