Advertising Clerk Responsibilities

In pursuit of creative excellence, many administrative tasks need to be managed. These administrative tasks are assigned to the advertising clerk. Without the support of the advertising clerk, it might become difficult for the agency to deliver expected outputs with perfection.

The position of an advertising clerk brings along a wide range of duties. Advertising is all about serving clients and fulfilling their requirements under strict deadlines. Lots of paperwork, purchases, payments, etc., are required to be performed for every project that is managed by the advertising clerk.

An advertising clerk files the orders of clients and records the same in a digital format. He provides bills and order receipts to the clients and verifies whether all the specifications are mentioned in the orders. He coordinates with the suppliers and publishers to check if all the orders are being processed on time. He also makes payments to the suppliers, publishers and other agencies.

The advertising clerk provides assistance and information to the clients. He answers all incoming calls and e-mails. He prepares reports for all transactions and expenses and forwards it to the finance and administration department. Without being directly involved in the creative aspects of the advertising agency, an advertising clerk makes sure that the creative team is able to fulfill client requirements with utmost efficiency.

Advertising clerk responsibilities have been explained under different headings below. It will help you to differentiate this job from clerical positions in other organizations.

Verifying Order Specifications

An advertising clerk verifies the details of the orders placed to the publishers and other media such as radio station or television channel. He corrects if any mistakes are found in the same.

Placing and Tracking Orders

An advertising clerk places orders to the suppliers, publishers, radio stations, news agencies, etc., on behalf of the agency. He tracks status of all the orders to ensure that they are dispatched on time and at the right place.

Filing Orders and Receipts

An advertising clerk files all the orders and receipts and maintains digital records of the same on the server that are accessible to other employees.

Media Buying

An advertising clerk performs media buying and keeps records of all the media consumed.

Skills of an Advertising Clerk

An advertising clerk should be skilled in the following areas to execute his responsibilities:

Becoming an Advertising Clerk

There are no specific educational requirements for the job of advertising clerk. Some experience of working in a clerical position and a high school diploma or a bachelor's degree is sufficient for this job. Even if you are not experienced, you can get the training on the job itself.

Career Scope for Advertising Clerk

Salary for an advertising clerk ranges from $30,000 to $60,000 across the nation. These figures may not include any additional allowances, bonuses, incentives, etc.

After you complete reading the advertising clerk responsibilities, you can easily decide whether you are interested in this job and if yes, you can adapt yourself by acquiring the skills needed for this position.

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