Agent Contract Clerk Responsibilities

Agents are appointed in almost all the organizations to sell the products and/or services for the customers. Finding and appointing these agents can prove to be a daunting task for the organization. An agent contract clerk is appointed to manage this process and ensure that the agents are able to perform their tasks and expand the business prospects.

An agent contract clerk is responsible for handling the recruitment process. He advertises the vacancies for agents in newspapers, forums, job portals, etc. He scrutinizes job applications and informs the applicants about their acceptance or rejection for the job. He interviews and appoints the qualified applicants. Once appointed, the agent contract clerk has to prepare contract of employment for all the agents. He has to prepare periodic reports regarding performance assessment of all the agents. He recommends training programs for agents who are not able to deliver the targets efficiently.

The agent contract clerk has to participate in the employee benefit programs and recommend agents that are eligible for salary hike and/or promotion. He has to resolve all the problems faced by the agents. He is authorized to terminate an agent who has not been performing for a long period or is being negligent in work.

As an agent contract clerk, an individual serves as a middleman between the management and agents. More information about the agent contract clerk responsibilities has been provided below.

Selection, Recruitment and Induction

Preparing and Updating Contracts

Performance Assessment


Skills of an Agent Contract Clerk

Following skills are needed in order to work efficiently as an agent contract clerk:

Becoming an Agent Contract Clerk

With a degree in human resource management or operations management and a relevant work experience, you can easily approach for this job. However, even if you have been working in any other clerical position, you are eligible to apply for this job.

Career Scope for Agent Contract Clerk

Average salary for this job ranges from $30,000 to $50,000. Salary depends on the size and location of the organization and individuals competency.

The agent contract clerk responsibilities provided include the most important job functions of an individual working in this designation. However, some additional job responsibilities are bound to be assigned on a routine basis.

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