Audit Clerk Responsibilities

The finance department is the back bone of any organization. There is always an increasing demand for the auditing persons in any kind of economic situation. Audit clerk responsibilities include verifying the accuracy of auditing accounts and eliminating the errors if there are any discrepancies.

Key Responsibilities of an Audit Clerk

The role and responsibilities of an audit clerk vary according to the demands of the organization. Maintaining the accuracy of financial records and verifying the data are the basic responsibilities of an audit clerk. Let us understand in detail the key responsibilities of an audit clerk:

  1. To verify and check the accuracy of various accounts and compare them against the contracts and agreements. For example he checks the vendors name, unit prices, quantity, invoice number, etc.
  2. He computes all the relevant data related to discounts, taxes, deductions wherever applicable. He also updates the accounting records and calculates the expenditures and profit loss
  3. He prepares all the invoices and passes them for further approval. Once approved, he prepares the bill and rechecks the data
  4. Makes all the necessary arrangements for receiving and making the due payments
  5. Follows up with the vendors regarding their payments and provides them with relevant information
  6. Maintains and compiles all the information related to the accounting and finance department

In addition to these responsibilities he also performs a variety of other duties which are as follows:

Essential Skills of an Audit Clerk

To be a successful audit clerk, you need to have at least some of the following skills:

  1. An eye for detail to check for the accuracy
  2. Should be able to pinpoint the discrepancies and take corrective actions
  3. Good communication skills are a must to be able to communicate with the clients as well as with the in-house colleagues. Should be an excellent team player
  4. Exceptional quality of handling large volumes of numerical data with an ability to make fast and accurate calculations
  5. Should be proficient in using computers and should be well-versed with different accounting software
  6. He should be detail oriented, reliable and should be able to work in a pressure situation and deliver error free work

Educational Requirement for an Audit Clerk

A high school diploma and basic knowledge of operating various accounting software applications is sufficient. However, if you really want to land in a job in a prestigious firm, a bachelor's degree would be of great help. A demonstrated work experience will help you in getting your dream job.

Salary of an Audit Clerk

The salary of an audit clerk is usually dependent on the type and size of the organization where he is working and the relevant auditing experience .

Work Hours for an Audit Clerk

The audit clerk is required to work in a normal office with work hours not extending forty hours. He may need to work extra during the tax season and end of fiscal year. An audit clerk has got the option of working part time as well.

Career Advancement for an Audit Clerk

The audit professionals are required in almost every industry. An audit clerk after handling the outlined duties may advance to a supervisory or a managerial position.

In short, the audit clerk responsibilities help in the management of accurate financial data and give an overview of the company's financial status. An aptitude for numbers and relevant education will help you get the job you had always desired for.

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