Automobile Contract Clerk Responsibilities

Selling and customer service are two pillars that drive the operations of an agency dealing in automobiles. An efficient employee is required who can handle the administrative work for both these operations. This requirement is filled by an automobile clerk who manages clients and documentation pertaining to the sales of all the automobiles sold to them.

As a client purchases an automobile, the automobile clerk has to prepare the contract documents. He informs the client about the total amount to be paid including taxes. He also calculates the EMI (Equated Monthly Installments) for the vehicle and the interest to be charged on the same. Once the amount is finalized, the automobile clerk prepares ownership documents and license for the client.

The responsibilities of an automobile contract clerk include accurate calculation and description of the amount and other details for automobile contracts. Any mistake in these documents can be rectified; however, it might result in client dissatisfaction. This should be avoided by the automobile contract clerk to maintain the goodwill of organization. Another responsibility of the automobile contract clerk is to fix and calculate the commission of the salespersons. He has to present these reports to the finance department and ensure that all the commissions are paid on time.

Responsibilities of an automobile clerk have been discussed in detail below. You will become familiar with all the aspects of this job after reading this.

Calculating EMI and Commissions

The primary responsibility of an automobile clerk is to calculate the EMI and commission for all the clients and agents, respectively. He has to prepare detailed records of these calculations and forward the same to the finance department so that the amounts can be entered into the accounts and paid-off in time.

Communicating with Potential Clients

An automobile contract clerk plays a role in the business development activities as well. He communicates with the potential clients and informs them about the various automobiles and purchasing options offered by the agency.

Informing Clients about Dues and Fines

An automobile contract clerk keeps the clients updated with the due date for payment of EMI and fine on non-payment or delayed payment. He may cancel the fine or reduce it if the reason stated by the client is found to be genuine.

Performing Additional Tasks

The automobile contract clerk can be assigned with many additional tasks to meet the demands of the clients and the organization.

Skills of an Automobile Contract Clerk

As an automobile clerk, a person should be:

Becoming an Automobile Contract Clerk

Individuals with a high school diploma and some experience in a clerical position are eligible to apply for this job. However, being experienced is not mandatory for all the organizations.

Career Scope for an Automobile Contract Clerk

Average salary for an individual working in this position is $37,000. Salaries vary with the job location, organization and the clerk's competency for this designation. A hike in the salary and/or position is inevitable provided that you continue to deliver outstanding results and execute your responsibilities on time.

Automobile contract clerk responsibilities are a source to discover and get acquainted with this profession.

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