Booking Clerk Responsibilities

While you walk into a movie theater, train station, hotel, sports stadium, or a similar place, you need to book your tickets in advance or at that moment itself. These tickets are issued either on a counter at the venue itself or at a different place from the venue. A booking clerk works at either of these venues and helps in the sales and other operations of the organization.

While working at any of the places mentioned above, it is very important that the booking clerk executes all his task responsibly. His primary responsibilities are to handle or assist in the sales of tickets or booking of venue or rooms and cash management. He is also required to make required entries in the system regarding the bookings.

Other work responsibilities of a booking clerk may differ depending on the context of the organization he works at. For example, a booking clerk in a hotel may have to make arrangements for the rooms booked in advanced and provide information to the guests about the nearby locations. On the other hand, a booking clerk working at a train station has to collect cash and issue tickets to the passengers. He may have to inform the passengers about the various trains available for a specific destination and other information pertaining to the train schedule.

Likewise, the responsibilities of a booking clerk working in different organizations have been explained below for your knowledge.

Booking Clerk at an Airport

A booking clerk working at an airport has to greet the passengers and provide them necessary information regarding flight schedule and availability of tickets.

He has to issue tickets, collect and verify passengers id, enter information into the system, and provide other information as needed by the passenger.

Booking Clerk at a Hotel/Resort

A booking clerk working at a hotel/resort is required to book the rooms for the guests. He has to handle requests of advance booking of guests through telephone or e-mail.

He makes necessary arrangements for pickup and drop, decoration of the room/venue, and provide all that the guests need.

He coordinates and communicates with the travel agencies and keeps them updated about the vacant rooms.

Booking Clerk at a Sports Stadium

A booking clerk working at a sports stadium is required to inform the visitors about the price of the tickets and availability of seats.

He has to collect cash, issue tickets, record booking details, and make necessary entries into the system.

Booking Clerk at a Theater

A booking clerk working in this setting informs the visitors about the seat positions and availability, price of tickets, schedule of the play/movie, etc.

He stores a database of visitors and provides it to the marketing department, so that they can be contacted and informed about new releases or promotional activities.

Skills of a Booking Clerk

To work efficiently in this position, a person should:

Becoming a Booking Clerk

The minimum educational qualifications for this job is a high school diploma. Previous experience of working in a customer service or sales operations can be helpful, although it is not mandatory as this is an entry level position.

Career Scope for a Booking Clerk

As a booking clerk, one can expect to earn an annual income that ranges from $30,000 to $50,000 depending on the qualifications of the applicant, organization, location, etc. Additional benefits such as medical insurance, paid holidays, performance incentive, etc., differ with each organization.

Having read the booking clerk responsibilities, you now have a proper idea as to what this job is all about.

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